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At this point, we all know that Obama will be elected the next president of the United States by a margin too big to steal and the Republican Party has been deserted by everyone except the George Wallace wing of the party and true to the history of that wing, they are busy trying to figure out whether to lynch Sarah or John which is kind of odd, if you stop and think about it. So a nation turns its lonely eyes to you, Rev. Dr. James Dobson. What will be the price of our sin? What horror can we now look forward to?

First off, it's comforting to note that we are not to blame, Dobson's Christians themselves are to blame. “In 2008 many evangelicals thought that Senator Obama was an opportunity for a ‘change,’ and they voted for him. They simply did not realize Obama’s far-left agenda would take away many of our freedoms as a nation, perhaps permanently…[allowing] the law, in the hands of a liberal Congress and Supreme Court, to become a great instrument of oppression.”

• Boy Scouts disband after refusing to allow homosexual scoutmasters to sleep in the same tent as young boys

• First-graders get “compulsory training in varieties of gender identity,” and parents can no longer opt out of school-based sex ed for their kids

• Churches are declared “public accommodations” and forced to offer marriage ceremonies for homosexual couples

• Military must offer “sensitivity training” for troops forced to accept enlisted homosexuals

• The Supreme Court declares that “proselytizing speech” does not have the same protection as other speech, and Christian ministries are banned from college campuses

• Nurses who do not wish to participate in abortions will lose their jobs, and doctors who deliver babies at hospitals must perform abortions or lose their licenses

• The FCC nullifies all restrictions on obscene speech or visual portrayals on TV, and it’s now a 24-hour non-stop diet of explicit porn

• States are allowed to ban guns, and illegal gun-owners face stiff fines or prison terms

• Home-schoolers are forced to use state-approved curricula, and rather than do so, many emigrate to New Zealand or Australia where they may teach without restrictions

• The U.S. troop withdrawal from Iraq prompts a take-over by Al Qaeda, which in turn has carried out terrorist attacks on four U.S. cities

• Russia reclaims most of the old Soviet bloc, including the Baltic states, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Bulgaria while UN & NATO fail to take action

• Latin America topples toward communism as the U.S.’s pro-Chavez policies give Venezuela more weight

• A single-payer national health care system has banned hospital admissions for anyone over 80

• Periodic blackouts are the norm after a moratorium is instituted on new oil drilling, nuclear plants and CO2-emitting coal power plants

• Business owners and entrepreneurs have moved overseas in droves to avoid higher taxes, with a huge loss of U.S. jobs

The country has become a pawn in the takeover by
  • “the agenda of the ACLU,
  • the agenda of liberal activist judges in their dissenting opinions,
  • the agenda of the homosexual activists,
  • the agenda of the environmental activists,
  • the agenda of the National Education Association,
  • the agenda of the global warming activists,
  • the agenda of the abortion rights activists,
  • the agenda of the gun control activists,
  • the agenda of the euthanasia supporters,
  • the agenda of the one-world government pacifists, [and]
  • the agenda of far-left groups in Canada and Europe.”
But our long national nightmare will come to an end in four years and in 2012 will return whipping the four horsemen of the apocalypse through the streets.

Un candidato luchando por nuestra nacion

To the candidate who is Barack Obama
I sing this corrido with all my soul
He was born humble without pretension
He began in the streets of Chicago
Working to achieve a vision
To protect the working people
And bring us all together in this great nation
¡Viva! Obama ¡Viva! Obama
Families united and safe and even with a health care plan
¡Viva! Obama ¡Viva! Obama
A candidate fighting for our nation
It doesn’t matter if you’re from San Antonio
It doesn’t matter if you’re from Corpus Christi
From Dallas, from the Valley, from Houston or from El Paso
What matters is that we vote for Obama
Because his struggle is also our struggle, and today we urgently need a change
Lets unite with our great friend
¡Viva! Obama ¡Viva! Obama
Families united and safe and even with a health care plan
¡Viva! Obama ¡Viva! Obama
A candidate fighting for our nation