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Completed Hügelkultur bed prior to being covered with soil.
Hügelkultur is a composting process employing raised planting beds constructed on top of decaying wood debris and other compostable biomass plant materials. The process helps to improve soil fertility, water retention, and soil warming, thus benefiting plants grown on or near such mounds.[1][2]

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Century of Enslavement: The History of The Federal Reserve

Quantum Theory Proves That Time Does Not Exist

Quantum Theory Proves That Time Does Not Exist


Quantum Theory and non-locality goes something like this; Take two particles, A and B (photons or electrons for example). Pair them, then separate them, and put them on either side of the planet. Stimulate particle A, and particle B will react without any time delay.

Boris Kagarlitsky: Eastern Ukraine people’s republics between militias and oligarchs

Boris Kagarlitsky: Eastern Ukraine people’s republics between militias and oligarchs

Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal has published various left viewpoints from the region on the political situation in Ukraine. These do not necessarily represent the views of the publishers.
For more by Boris Kagarlitsky, click HERE.
By Boris Kagarlitsky, Moscow; translated by Renfrey Clarke
August 16, 2014 – Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal -- The war between the Ukraine government and the republics of Novorossiya [New Russia] is gradually taking on the character of a positional stand-off. The resources of both sides are exhausted, and fighting reserves are at an end. For the people’s republics, defending themselves against the many times larger military forces of the Kiev regime, the well-known principle of “a government needs to win, but for an insurrection it is enough not to lose” operates with full force.
The deteriorating economic situation in Ukraine, the growing demoralisation of supporters of the Kiev regime and the gradual development of a partisan movement on government-controlled territory together herald a new phase in a civil war that will clearly extend far beyond the boundaries of the south-east.

Ukraine in fifteen minutes

Counterpunch's Mike Whitney publishes the interview with Sergei Glaziev:

Joyce Nelson on Monsanto and Ukraine:

Jack Rasmus on the economic consequences of Mr Obama's sanctions:

plus the inimitable Israel Shamir:

The thug oligarch junta is becoming an embarrassment even to the thick skinned BBC and their US mentors in imperial propaganda for dummies.

"Smuggling humanitarian aid in" indeed.
Sadly though the motivation seems very obvious- it is the least that the Russian government could do. And they did it.

Global Post, the employer of freelancer James Foley, fails to pass smell test - Wayne Madsen

Global Post, the employer of freelancer James Foley, fails to pass smell test

National news media operations based in Boston are almost like musicals that run "off Broadway."

We can add Global Post to the off-Broadway journalistic hit parade. Global Post is the Boston-based website that employed freelance photo journalist James Foley in Syria, recently beheaded by his Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) guerrillas in Iraq, appears to be a subsidized operation with an agenda that matches up nicely with that of international hedge fund tycoon George Soros.

National media operations not based in New York or Washington, DC are usually subsidized by interests with agendas. One Boston-based media operation that has a clear agenda is The Christian Science Monitor, a church-owned operation, which has become increasingly neo-conservative in its coverage since it scrapped its print edition and became an exclusively web-based operation. The other Boston-based national media operation is CAMERA  - the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America -- which serves as the Israel Lobby's often rabid media watchdog.

Foley, who was kidnapped on November 22, 2012 in northern Syria, near Idlib, by Syrian guerrillas who were not members of ISIL for the simple reason that ISIL did not yet exist. Foley was originally captured by an Islamist group that took its orders from the Central Intelligence Agency-organized and trained Free Syrian Army (FSA), whose leaders led their "army" not from the battlefield but from posh Istanbul hotel suites paid for by the Turkish, Saudi, and Qatari governments.

In early 2013, ISIL took over the rebel group holding Foley and other kidnap victims. Foley, like other journalists, was offered up for ransom by ISIL, which is now said to have some 4000 members who are Europeans, Australians, North Americans, and even a few Japanese, who have no Muslim or Middle Eastern familial backgrounds. In fact, the British citizen who beheaded Foley on video is said to go by the first name of "John," which is certainly not a Muslim name.

Ransom payments for kidnap victims like Foley have turned into a big business for ISIL and other terrorist groups. France, Italy, and Spain have paid large ransom amounts for its nationals taken hostage in Syria, West Africa, and Somalia. It is stated U.S. and British policy not to pay ransoms for hostages, however, as witnessed in the Iran-contra scandal, the U.S. is known to have traded arms to Iran for the release of hostages held by Shi'a groups in Lebanon.

In the case of Foley, ISIL had been in email communication with his family and Global Post to work out a ransom deal. However, ISIL said it beheaded Foley in retaliation for U.S. air strikes against ISIL guerrillas who were advancing toward the Kurdish capital of Erbil in northern Iraq.

There are reports that ISIL has even purchased kidnapped Westerners from other groups as far afield as Kashmir, Somalia, and Yemen in order to trade them for cash. Al Qaeda's reputed leader, Dr. Ayman al Zawahiri, is said to have called for Islamist groups to seize Western hostages in return for freeing Islamists held in prisons around the world.

The focus on Global Post yields some interesting connections. Foley had previously covered other U.S.-led wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya. Foley was always embedded with U.S. troops, as was the case in Iraq and Afghanistan, or U.S.-supported militias in Libya and Syria. During the 2011 CIA-initiated Libyan rebellion against Muammar Qaddafi's government, Foley was taken captive by Qaddafi army loyalists and held for 44 days.  Foley preferred being embedded with those fighting on the side of the United States rather than cover wars from different perspectives. Such wartime journalism would lead some believe that Foley was performing non-journalistic tasks on U.S.-created battlefields, that is, espionage.

President Obama interrupted his summer vacation on Martha's Vineyard to condemn Foley's beheading. Obama also phoned Foley's parents who live in New Hampshire. Subsequently, it was reported officially that U.S. Special Forces had attempted a rescue mission in Syria to free Foley and other American hostages but it failed. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said that normally such operations would not be revealed but that in the case of Foley an exception had been made because the information on the failed rescue operation had already been "leaked" to the press. One could ask why an administration that is intent on putting some journalists in prison for publishing leaks of classified information would make such an exception, itself involving classified special forces operations, for Foley?

There has long been a debate within the U.S. intelligence community as to whether it is proper to use intelligence agents operating abroad under journalistic cover. Past administrations, including those of Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford, banned the use of journalists and missionaries by the CIA. Others, including the Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush administrations were not so adamant against the use of journalists as spies. The Obama administration's leeway given to the CIA for all sorts of operations previously prohibited or inhibited opens the door for journalists, once again, being used as agents in hot spots like Syria, Libya, and Iraq.

Which brings us back to Global Post. The media operation has not been around long. It was initiated on January 12, 2009, a week before the inauguration of Barack Obama as president, by two Boston businessmen, Charles Sennott and Philip Balboni. The new website claimed it was going t
o "redefine international news for the digital age." Originally charging an annual subscription of $199 a year, Global Post cut its annual rate to $30 a year, which has been WMR's unchanged annual subscription rate since 2005. However, Global Post's subscribers' base only stood at around 400. Yet, Global Post could boast of 65 worldwide correspondents, albeit, many of whom, like Foley, were freelancers. But how does an on-line media with subscribers only in the hundreds manage to finance reporters in war zones like Syria and Libya while maintaining a worldwide network of correspondents?

Global Post, with its lackluster business revenues, was able to cut syndication agreements with the Public Broadcasting System (sometimes mockingly referred to as the "Pentagon Broadcasting System"), the Sumner Redstone-owned CBS, and the Mort Zuckerman-owned New York Daily News. Oddly, just two years after its start-up, Global Post had garnered Peabody, Polk, and Edward R. Murrow awards for its "On Location" video coverage. Clearly, someone wanted to increase Global Post's street credentials through an "award washing" campaign.

Owned by
Global News Enterprises, LLC and headquartered on Boston's affluent waterfront, Global Post's board of directors and management includes those who have had only a glancing encounter with actual journalism: former cable television executives, a former chairman of C-SPAN, a former member of the board of The Boston Globe, a former publisher of The Boston Globe, an assistant to the CEO of the Hearst Corporation, a public relations flack for PBS, and a board member of the Boston public television station WGBH.

But even more suspicious is the presence on the staff of Global Post of two former editors for The Cambodia Daily, a CIA-connected publication officially owned by Cambodian orphanage "aficionado" Bernard Krisher; a former senior correspondent for the CIA- and Soros-linked Radio Free Europe in Prague; a graduate of the CIA-linked Sasin Business Institute in Bangkok; a former Boston Globe Jerusalem bureau chief, a former editor for the CIA-connected Tico Times of Costa Rica, and a former editor for the hard-neocon publication The Atlantic. Global Post's team of international correspondents are steeped in neocon credentials, from The Daily Beast and Kyiv Post to The New Republic and The Daily Telegraph.

While the White House and journalists mourn the death of Foley, it is important to point out that his photo reporting seldom departed from the confines of U.S. military units or irregular rebel forces supported by the CIA. It is tragic that one of those CIA rebel forces ultimately would subject Foley to a gruesome videotaped beheading. However, as much blame for that rests with those who supported the rebellion against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, individuals like CIA director John Brennan and national security adviser Susan Rice, as with the rebel executioners themselves.

Boris Kagarlitsky: Eastern Ukraine people’s republics between militias and oligarchs

Boris Kagarlitsky: Eastern Ukraine people’s republics between militias and oligarchs

                                                               Boris Kagarlitsky

Democracy and Class Struggle publishes this analysis of the situation in the Eastern Ukraine from Boris Kargarlitsky for information.

We are trying to verify what he says but if it is true what he says about Akhmetov

"The Russian press is already reporting openly on an agreement reached between the Moscow bureaucrats and the Ukrainian oligarch Rinat Akhmetov ".

This is extremely concerning.

PS: We can now verify the worrying fact that Akhmetov is back on the scene from our sources.

August 16, 2014 – -- The war between the Ukraine government and the republics of Novorossiya [New Russia] is gradually taking on the character of a positional stand-off. The resources of both sides are exhausted, and fighting reserves are at an end. For the people’s republics, defending themselves against the many times larger military forces of the Kiev regime, the well-known principle of “a government needs to win, but for an insurrection it is enough not to lose” operates with full force.

Why Israel Lies - Chris Hedges

This is the indubitable, irrefutable, indisputable, incontestable Chris Hedges, and this is about the most extraordinary thing he has ever published:

But Israel engages in the kinds of jaw-dropping lies that characterize despotic and totalitarian regimes. It does not deform the truth; it inverts it. It routinely paints a picture for the outside world that is diametrically opposed to reality. And all of us reporters who have covered the occupied territories have run into Israel’s Alice-in-Wonderland narratives, which we dutifully insert into our stories—required under the rules of American journalism—although we know they are untrue.

Friday, August 15, 2014

La liberté d'expression est garantie aussi longtemps qu'on n'en fait pas usage

La liberté d'expression est garantie aussi longtemps qu'on n'en fait pas usage

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Horrific Methane Eruptions in East Siberian Sea
A catastrophe of unimaginable propertions is unfolding in the Arctic Ocean. Huge quantities of methane are erupting from the seafloor of the East Siberian Sea and entering the atmosphere over the Arctic Ocean.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Counter Intelligence I: The Company (Full Length Documentary)

 Counter Intelligence I: The Company (Full Length Documentary)

 Counter Intelligence II: The Company (Full Length Documentary)

Deep State Counter Intelligence: The Strategy of Tension (Part 3)

 Counter Intelligence IV: The Company (Full Length Documentary)

 Counter Intelligence V: The Company (Full Length Documentary)

Friday, August 01, 2014

re Siberia’s methane blow-holes the first warning sign of unstoppable climate change?
RELATED: Are we on the brink of a 6th mass extinction?
Russian researchers have returned from their investigation of the first find and taken water and soil samples to help resolve how the hole was formed.
Some say aliens. Some say they’re “hellmouths” — gateways to the undead.
But scientists already have a pretty good idea.
Explosive vents of vast quantities of methane gas.
Now a new, ominous, name could be attached to them: Dragon’s mouths.
Here’s where a blog posted by American professor in glaciology Dr Jason Box at the weekend comes in: “The dragon breath hypothesis has me losing sleep.”

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Glazev is dead nuts on, to use a Shakespearean term.

1. No limits to the Ukie warfare.
2. It is a War against Russia.
3. Time is on Kiev's side.
4. The Americans are militarizing and mobilizing all Ukraine against Russia.
5. After Donbass, Crimea is next.
6. Ukraine is an occupied territory of the America.
7. Europe is the next theatre of war. It is where America gains its biggest economic thrust and wealth-stealing.
8. China is the next big national target, using the same techniques and Japan and South Korea as levers.
9. Russia is the target now along the Ukraine border and Black Sea, also later with Europe as a wider theatre, the Baltic region, and finally, with China as the third region of war, the Far East and arctic.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

May 6-7, 2014 -- Vice is not nice and rivals the "Beast"

Vice Magazine, the on-line "news" site founded in 1994 in Montreal as the print edition "Voice of Montreal," has become a major influential media outlet. But the on-line magazine also appears to be doing the bidding of Western governments in aiming its fury at Russia, North Korea, and other countries that are receiving full barrages from the neo-conservative propaganda industry.

That Vice would be tied to neo-con propaganda efforts comes as no surprise. In 2013, News Corporation's Rupert Murdoch acquired a 5 percent stake in Vice. 

As examples of Vice's commitment to seriousness, it broadcasts a "news" show on HBO. The executive producer is a comedian, Bill Maher. The show's consultant is none other than New World Order poster boy Fareed Zakaria.

In its zeal to carry Washington's and the neocons' water, Vice is starting to edge out the Obama sycophants at The Daily Beast in trying to prove which is the better media prostitute.

 Wayne Madsen,

Jane Harman, media mogul
The War of Ideas in the Middle East
The War of Ideas in the Middle East

Jane Harman, media mogul

This Financial Times profile of Jane Harman, the former congresswoman who is CEO of the Woodrow Wilson Int’l Center, doesn’t mention Israel, but there’s a lot about her wealth: her marriage to the late inventor Sidney Harman, her jaw-dropping house in Washington, her Barcelona chair, the picture of her late husband with Bill Clinton.
This glimpse into the Jewish establishment describes Harman as the “owner” of Newsweek/The Daily Beast.
I ask about a sculpture on the coffee table, of a man on a bench. “It was an award for Sidney in honour of [financier] Bernard Baruch,” says Harman, who took over as owner of Newsweek/Daily Beast after her husband’s death.
Well this is confusing. Newsweek/Daily Beast was co-owned by Barry Diller and Harman’s late husband. Sidney Harman died in April 2011 at 92. This obit in the Times said that his estate was assuming his ownership share, but no individual was named.

The Daily Beast

February 18-19, 2014 -- The Daily Beast outed as an NSA information warfare assetThe National Security Agency, according to a February 18 article in The Intercept by Glenn Greenwald and Ryan Gallagher, used an article in The Daily Beast as a reference point for a NSA TOP SECRET//SI//TK//NOFORN Intellipedia database entry titled "Manhunting Timeline 2010." The database entry refers to the international manhunt, which included NSA assets, for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Assange came to prominence after 70,000 classified documents on the war in Afghanistan were leaked to the media.

The NSA's use of The Daily Beast as a reference within a classified database is unusual. It is, in fact, rare for NSA to use open source references to bolster classified intelligence reports for two reasons: the not invented here syndrome and the fear that mixing classified and unclassified open source information will diminish the security attached to the classified portions of such reports.

The NSA information, culled from The Daily Beast article of August 10, 2010, stated that the United States urged other nations with forces in Afghanistan to consider filing criminal charges against Assange as a way of focusing national power upon "non-state actor Assange, and the human network that supports WikiLeaks." Essentially, The Daily Beast provided the straw man arguments for the NSA to claim the legal authority to urge two of its "Second Party" or FIVE EYES allies, Britain and Australia, to prosecute Assange, with "Third Party" NSA partner, Germany, also joining in the prosecution.

The Daily Beast, along with the National Security Affairs department at the U.S. Naval War College, was at the forefront of a vicious attack campaign launched against the WMR editor after he was quoted on the front page of June 29, 2013 edition of The Observer of the UK on NSA's Third Party signals intelligence relationships in Europe. The Observer, in response to a coordinated attack by The Daily Beast, which provided three of its reporters -- John Avlon, Joshua Rogin, and Michael C, Moynihan -- to CNN's Reliable Sources program to perpetuate the attack which began on Twitter.

The Observer and The Guardian not only pulled WMR's editor's quote from their web pages but The Observer yanked its print edition from circulation.

The revelation that The Daily Beast is used within NSA's classified Intellipedia system
as a primary reference source calls into question the independence of the on-line publication and points to its possible links The Daily Beast has to the U.S. and UK Intelligence Communities. The Daily Beast was once owned by Newsweek but as a result of mergers and corporate shedding it is now owned by IAC, the firm owned by Hollywood mogul Barry Diller.

The Daily Beast was founded by publisher Tina Brown, who is married to former Sunday Times of London editor Sir Harold Evans, who is believed by many intelligence agency scholars to be a longtime cipher for Britain's MI-6 (Secret Intelligence Service). MI-6 and NSA's British partner, Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), both report to the Secretary for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs. During his time as editor of The Sunday Times, Evans reportedly permitted MI-6 agents to drafts of the newspapers articles before publication, particularly those that dealt with British intelligence defector to the Soviet Union Kim Philby. Evans was also known to employ known MI6 agents as Times's journalists, including one John Sackur.

As for The Observer caving to pressure from The Daily Beast, there should be no surprise. The Observer is owned by The Guardian's parent company, Guardian Media Group. The Guardian's editor, Alan Rusbridger, agreed to destroy computer hard drives containing copies of files from NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.

The Guardian has long toed the British Liberal Democratic Party line. At the time of the attack on WMR's editor, the Liberal Democrats were a coalition partner of the British Conservative Party government of Prime Minister David Cameron. Today, The Guardian continues to advance the Western and George Soros-influenced propaganda memes of Britain and the United States. For example, it has no problem with Venezuela's CIA- and MI6-directed opposition using the same photograph (below left) on Twitter purportedly showing Venezuelan police attacking a woman that was also published by The Guardian in December 2011 showing Egyptian police beating the very same woman (below right).

When it comes to advancing Western capitalist propaganda, The Guardian, The Observer, and The Daily Beast all serve the same masters at Fort Meade, Maryland and Cheltenham, England, the latter the location of GCHQ headquarters.

Wayne Madsen

Monday, July 28, 2014

Blues singing bird

​Ready, reset, go! Cold War 2.0
The New Great Game in Eurasia never ceases to thrill with extreme plot twists. The Big Three players remain the same: the US, Russia and China. The devil is in the concentric subplots.
In Washington, the deep state Russia ‘policy’ has revealed itself to be sanctions, sanctions, sanctions; because of Crimea, because of support for federalists in Eastern Ukraine, because of the MH17 tragedy.

MH17: Another Israeli Cover Up?
Author: Gordon Duff

MH17: Another Israeli Cover Up?

3453452The latest disaster, one that has scrubbed Israel’s bizarre onslaught into Gaza off newspaper front pages, 298 dead, can be nothing but more than yet another cover up operation. Every news asset, every politico known to be a creature of the Israeli/organized crime nexus, has weighed in. Their every lie tells one story; “Israel did it.”
The facts tell another story, one of false flag terrorism. If only McCain and Tony Abbot, if only Fox and CNN, the Huffington Post and, worst of all, accused Israeli spy, Jane Harmon’s Daily Beast:
“Why would Putin want to shoot down a commercial airliner? And if it was an accident, why would Putin allow the separatists to have a weapon this powerful without having full control over how it was used?”
You couldn’t scream “Israel did it” any louder. It is almost embarrassing. There is nothing innocent about these utterly fabricated stories, particularly when the truth, a very different truth, is out there as well, substantiated, validated and verified.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Episode #44 – SUNDAY WIRE: ‘Declassified: The MH17 Files’ with Patrick Henningsen, Dean Ryan and Basil Valentine

presents a declassified stack of additional new material after compiling an independent investigation of MH17 - one of the seminal events of the 21st century – the airline disaster of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 over Eastern Ukraine, and what he’s discovered is shocking.

Inner Journeys Travel Awaken Your Soul!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

new order of the barbarians
The New Order of Barbarians is the transcript of three tapes of reminiscences made by  Dr Lawrence Dunegan, of a speech given on March 20, 1969 by Dr Richard Day (1905-89), an insider of the "Order," recorded by Randy Engel in 1988. Dr Dunegan claims he attended a medical meeting on March 20, 1969 where Dr Richard Day (who died in 1989 but at the time was Professor of Paediatrics at Mount Sinai Medical School in New York and was previously the Medical Director of Planned Parenthood Federation of America) give "off the record" remarks during an addressed at the Pittsburgh Pediatric Society to a meeting of students and health professionals, who were destined to be leaders in medicine and health care.

Israel Grants First Golan Heights Oil Drilling License To Dick Cheney-Linked Company
Israel has granted a U.S. company the first license to explore for oil and gas in the occupied Golan Heights, John Reed of the Financial Times reports.
A local subsidiary of the New York-listed company Genie Energy — which is advised by former vice president Dick Cheney and whose shareholders include Jacob Rothschild and Rupert Murdoch — will now have exclusive rights to a 153-square mile radius in the southern part of the Golan Heights.

Ukrainian army helps installing shale gas production equipment near Slavyansk
The people of Slavyansk, which is located in the heart of the Yzovka shale gas field, staged numerous protest actions in the past against its development

Friday, July 25, 2014

ISIS Post PR Photos They Took With John McCain
Remember when Senator John McCain went to Syria and met with factions of rebels fighting the Assad regime?
As it turns out, the group that he was meeting with was a particular subset of rebels in Syria, who we now know as ISIS.

ISIS Terrorists Post a Selfie with John McCain
McCain posed for pictures with these rebels, smiling as the camera snapped. Now, ISIS, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria formerly known as Al Qaeda in Iraq, is using those pictures as a campaign ad.


Obama Asks For $500 Million To Fund ISIS In Syria
There’s what the American people are told, then there’s the truth.
The truth is America funds terror groups in order to topple regimes to put in more favorable presidencies.
Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn’t.
The American government funded Al-Qaeda in Libya to overthrow Gaddafi.
The American government funded Ukranian rebel groups to take over the sale of natural gas to europe. (Thanks Victoria Nuland)
Hillary Clinton fought to keep Boko Haram off the terror list because we fund them AND Al-Shabab.
This is what the whole Iran Contra thing was about.

Ukraine's Secret Weapon: Feisty Oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky

New Governor of Dnipropetrovsk Takes on Pro-Russia Separatists, but Critics Worry About Growing Power of Oligarchs 



June 27, 2014 12:31 p.m. ET
Ihor Kolomoisky, a billionaire banking tycoon recently appointed governor of Dnipropetrovsk region in eastern Ukraine, has vowed to defend the country. Reuters
DNIPROPETROVSK, Ukraine—Leaning over a map of eastern Ukraine on his desk, Gennady Korban gripped a ballpoint pen and drew a squiggling blue line down its center.
The border, he said, marked the battlefront in his country's war with pro-Russia separatists. One side was stable, rid of "troublemakers," he said. On the other are "maniacs," he said. "Men without families, who don't want families, they just like war." If they cross over the line, he said, "we'll just have to kill them."

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Fancy Watch Quiz

Nasrallah: Hezbollah will stand by resistance in Gaza

 This is how you know that ISIS (and all other Takfiri, Wahhabi, Salafist groups including the defunct al Qaeda) is a Mossad/CIA construct. Oh yea, and No Rolex watches.

 he Daily Star
BEIRUT: Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah vowed that his party would stand by the resistance in Gaza during a telephone conversation with Hamas and Islamic Jihad leaders.
Nasrallah voiced his party’s readiness to cooperate with both Palestinian resistance parties which have been confronting Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip for the past 14 days. The Israeli offensive has killed nearly 500 Palestinians, the vast majority of them civilians.

Hezbollah slams US-Israel takfiri plot in region
BEIRUT: Hezbollah’s deputy leader Sheikh Naim Qassem vowed to continue fighting against a takfiri terrorism scheme that he said was orchestrated by the U.S. and Israel.
“We, as Hezbollah, have only one direction: the resistance on the basis of Islam and jihad for the sake of God,” Qassem said in remarks published Monday. “We have set the compass and the needle points toward Israel. ... We are fighting one scheme, which is the American-Israeli takfiri scheme."
Lebanon “is in the line of fire and is affected by what goes on around it,” Qassem warned. “Those who talk about distancing and neutralizing Lebanon ... are speaking [words] of emptiness.”
“We, as Hezbollah, have said from day one that what began in Syria under the title ‘reforms’ was an Arab-Western takfiri scheme to destroy Syria in favor of Israel's interest,” he said.

Iraq Crisis: ISIS Terrorists were Trained by US in 2012 for Syria Conflict
As the American government is contemplating on whether or not to launch an airstrike on ISIS that is threatening to destroy Iraq, reports have now surfaced that way back in 2012, the US Army had trained members of the same terrorist group in Jordan....

MH17: Killing Innocent Civilians in Order to Save Fascism for Ukraine and NATO Expansionism
A fuller version of what happened starts emerging piece by piece. First, as I pointed out earlier, in one his daily battle reports, Strelkov or his associates indicated as if in passing that the Malaysian airliner, Boeing 777, was shot down by Ukrainian jet fighters. Then came the briefing by the Russian Ministry of Defense, which showed a Ukrainian SU-25 within 3-5 km from the Boeing at the very moment when the Boeing was hit. In the next four minutes, the Ukrainian fighter remained in the area. At the moment, when the Boeing was hit, it was also within the range of several Ukrainian Buk batteries, which were deployed close to Donetsk and then, just for that very day, 8km south of Shakhterskoye, which is also only several miles from the crash site.

Was MH17 Sabotaged By Israeli Security Team At Amsterdam Schiphol Airport?
Post Categories: Canada
Yoichi Shimatsu | Monday, July 21, 2014, 19:24 Beijing
As the only non-European journalist to cover The Hague inquiry into the Amsterdam crash of El Al flight 1862 (October 1992), which destroyed a Biljmeer district apartment complex, I discovered many aspects of the Israeli security set-up at Schipol International Airport and the role of the Mossad intelligence agency in secret operations there, one of Europe’s business transport hubs.
This same airport spy Network is very likely involved in the recent crash of Malaysian Airlines flight 17 over the Ukraine. 

I examined it, found it ridiculous. And I've been through Schiphol a time or two myself. Points to consider fully, then ridicule - 1) Shimatsu admits he is baised in favor of Kiev govt. How can you take seriously anyone who for any reason supports those nazis? 2) He proposes the Kiev govt conduct the investigation into MH17. Don't make me laugh! 3) His list of Israeli motives don't even make sense. 4) His only stated qualification for commenting on MH17 is his being "The only non-European journalist" to cover a different plane crash 22 years ago. That speaks for itself. 5) This pedestrian attempt at misdirection ignores all the REAL evidence that has come to light and instead promotes utterly unsubstantiated speculation that also leave open the "anti-semetic" rebuttal. 6) "The only way for ground troops to identify a plane is by coded radar response from its transponder signal." Or a decent pair of binoculars. 7) Israel's "drone army of mini-robots" WTF? 8) Nuff sed.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

This Land is Mine

Putin Adviser Urges Dumping US Bonds In Reaction to Sanctions
MOSCOW, March 4 (RIA Novosti) – An adviser to Russian President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday that authorities would issue general advice to dump US government bonds in the event of Russian companies and individuals being targeted by sanctions over events in Ukraine  

Sergei Glazyev said the United States would be the first to suffer in the event of any sanctions regime.

Full Sanction Program:

 Exchange controls and capital controls.  No more hot money.  You have to get gov permission to send money in or out
You have to protect the ruble against Anglo American attack using above all credit default swaps.  Probably ought to ban CDS immediately

State monopoly on international trade

The threat on defaulting on all money owed to New York and London Banks

Dumping the entire portfolio of US Treasury Securities

The central bank.  Elvira Nabiullina replaced.  Abandon current position of being a satellite of the US Federal Reserve.  Only creates new rubles when they have dollars in the vault.  You have to start issuing your own ruble denominated loans at very low interest rates as close to zero as you can get and that has to be lent for infrastructure, foreign trade financing, mfg, ag, mining, forestry, scientific research,

How Russia Can Respond to the West's Economic War

1. Exchange controls and capital controls.  No more hot money.  Gov permission to send money in or out of country.  Protect the ruble against Anglo American attack who will use credit default swaps.  Ban CDS immediately

2. State monopoly on international trade

3. Default on all money owed to New York and London Banks

4. Dump the entire portfolio of US Treasury Securities

5. The central bank: replace Elvira Nabiullina as head.  Abandon being a satellite of the US Federal Reserve.  Start issuing ruble denominated loans at very low interest rates - zero century - to be lent for infrastructure, foreign trade financing, mfg, ag, mining, forestry, scientific research

6. Put Sergei Glazyev in charge.

 1.  Increase its domestic investments
2.  Increase its investment in China , S.America and the Silk Road
3.  More military aid to Syria, Iraq, Iran
4.  Eliminate Saudis/US Terrorism
5.  Create a new oil syndicate: Russia, Brasil, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Venezuela, Azerbaijan, China

Putin's Move

1. Put Sergei Glazyev in charge of the following

2. Exchange controls and capital controls.  Govt permission to send money in or out of country.  Protect the ruble against Anglo American attack.  Ban credit default swaps

3. State monopoly on international trade

4. Default on all money owed to New York and London Banks

5. Dump the portfolio of US Treasury Securities

6. The Russian Central Bank: replace Elvira Nabiullina as head.  Abandon being a satellite of the US FED.  Start issuing low interest ruble denominated loans to be lent for infrastructure, foreign trade financing, mfg, ag, mining, forestry, scientific research

An honest Israeli Jew tells the Real Truth about Israel

Israel mows the lawn

Israel mows the lawn

Mouin Rabbani

In 2004, a year before Israel’s unilateral disengagement from the Gaza Strip, Dov Weissglass, éminence grise to Sharon, explained the initiative’s purpose to an interviewer from Haaretz:

The Neoliberal Narcissism of Elite Democrats: Three Presidents and a Columnist

Presidents and a Columnist

There’s nothing like the hypocritical narcissism of the elite neoliberal Democrat. It’s something to see. First he elegantly embraces and advance “free market” doctrine that distributes wealth and power upward while spreading misery amongst the populace and destroying the Earth. Then he wants to be accorded progressive and humanitarian points when you preen with concern over the predictable terrible social and/or environmental toll that neoliberal policy takes. In classic narcissistic fashion, the elite Democratic neoliberal dissociates from the pain he inflicts, wrapping himself in Teflon as he feigns disapproval with the outcomes of the agenda he helped take forward. It’s always those evil crazy Republicans’ fault, of course.
Thomas Friedman on the Threat of Plutocracy

Alan Watt – Predictive Programming; Theory and Practice

Alan Watt – Predictive Programming; Theory and Practice

- What is Predictive Programming?
- Alan Watt – Predictive Programming; Theory and Practice
- Vyzygoth Interviews Phillip and Paul Collins – Invoking the Beyond (Predictive Programming)

Juan Cole prints a map and the blogosphere erupts

Juan Cole is Director of the Center for Middle Eastern and North African Studies at the University of Michigan. He maintains a blog on US foreign policy and progressive politics, Informed Comment. His newest book is, The New Arabs: How the Millennial Generation Is Changing the Middle East (Simon and Schuster), 
… As part of my original posting, I mirrored a map of modern Palestinian history that has the virtue of showing graphically what has happened to the Palestinians politically and territorially in the past century.
Andrew Sullivan then mirrored the map from my site, which set off a lot of thunder and noise among anti-Palestinian writers like Jeffrey Goldberg of the Atlantic, but shed very little light. (PS, the map as a hard copy mapcard is available from Sabeel.)

Israel Caught Housing ‘Identical Twin of Flight 370′ In Tel Aviv! Will US/Israel Pull Off Another 9-11?
A youtube channel is doing a lot of research into the missing Malaysian flight, and claims he has come across some interesting facts. I want to put them all out there for you to be the judge.
The youtube channel is DAHBOO77
His videos get many views, and he updates stories quickly. You can check his page for more.

George Soros and GA Telesis Connection to Flight 370!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Roots of Christian Zionism: How Scofield Sowed Seeds of Apostasy

Our Only Surviving Honest President Carter on Hardball Israel

ISIS Post PR Photos They Took With John McCain

Remember when Senator John McCain went to Syria and met with factions of rebels fighting the Assad regime?
As it turns out, the group that he was meeting with was a particular subset of rebels in Syria, who we now know as ISIS.
That’s right, the very same terrorist group ISIS which is carrying out ruthless acts of terror and crime in Iraq as we speak, was who McCain was meeting with in Syria.
When the Arizona senator got back from his trip to Syria, he said…
“It was a very moving experience to meet these fighters who have been struggling now for over two years,” McCain said on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360”.
“And they’re very aware of the battlefield situation” the Arizona senator continued, “and they’re very disturbed about the dramatic influx of Hezbollah fighters, more Iranians, and of course, stepped-up activities of Bashar Assad.”

Longevity Atlantis Lemuria Pole Shift Jewish Martians 55 FT Living Egytian Giant Kings


THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF TREES ~ "Nature is not mute, it is a man who is deaf." - Terence Mckenna

Social Security - It’s Complicated!

Social Security - It’s Complicated!

In my experience, a sound retirement plan consists of three essential pieces: an advanced tax plan (ATP), an income plan, and an investment plan. While the investment plan should be the nucleus, proper income and tax plans are critical and are often overlooked.

The Gaza Bombardment - What You're Not Being Told

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Israeli Massacres on Palestinians

List of Irgun attacks 1937-1948

Date Casualties References
1937, March 2 Arabs killed on Bat-Yam beach. [12]
1937, Nov 14 10 Arabs killed by Irgun units launching attacks around Jerusalem, (“Black Sunday”) [13][14]

Noam Chomsky: The Kind of Anarchism I Believe in, and What's Wrong with Libertarians
oam Chomsky:Well, anarchism is, in my view, basically a kind of tendency in human thought which shows up in different forms in different circumstances, and has some leading characteristics.  Primarily it is a tendency that is suspicious and skeptical of domination, authority, and hierarchy.  It seeks structures of hierarchy and domination in human life over the whole range, extending from, say, patriarchal families to, say, imperial systems, and it asks whether those systems are justified.  It assumes that the burden of proof for anyone in a position of power and authority lies on them.  Their authority is not self-justifying.  They have to give a reason for it, a justification.  And if they can’t justify that authority and power and control, which is the usual case, then the authority ought to be dismantled and replaced by something more free and just.  And, as I understand it, anarchy is just that tendency.  It takes different forms at different times.
Anarcho-syndicalism is a particular variety of anarchism which was concerned primarily, though not solely, but primarily with control over work, over the work place, over production.  It took for granted that working people ought to control their own work, its conditions, [that] they ought to control the enterprises in which they work, along with communities, so they should be associated with one another in free associations, and … democracy of that kind should be the foundational elements of a more general free society.  And then, you know, ideas are worked out about how exactly that should manifest itself, but I think that is the core of anarcho-syndicalist thinking.  I mean it’s not at all the general image that you described — people running around the streets, you know, breaking store windows — but [anarcho-syndicalism] is a conception of a very organized society, but organized from below by direct participation at every level, with as little control and domination as is feasible, maybe none.

Israel Exultant Over Modi Victory
Mon May 19, 2014
NEW DELHI: Israel stood out amidst the congratulations pouring in for Prime Minister-designate Narendra Modi from world leaders (Read: The World Welcomes Modi, World Page) across the globe with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu being amongst the first to wish the BJP leader on his electoral success. Modi has reportedly assured Israel that he will be the first Indian premier to visit Jerusalem, according to the Israeli media.

Narendra Modi and the rise of India’s neo-fascist Far-Right: The facts
Narendra Modi is campaigning as a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party (“BJP”). Due to ongoing geopolitical events elsewhere, the implications of Modi’s impending rise to power have received comparatively little media publicity outside South Asia, especially in the West. This is despite the fact that nuclear-armed, 1.2 billion-population India is currently undergoing a political and cultural takeover by that country’s version of the Far-Right, if the claims of Modi’s opponents and critics are accurate.

Shady Companies With Ties to Israel Wiretap the U.S. for the NSA

Zionist Meme Ilan Pappe

Monday, July 14, 2014

Israel’s incremental genocide in the Gaza ghetto

Israel’s incremental genocide in the Gaza ghetto

13 July 2014


A mother hugs her adolescent son in a bombed-out living room
In Gaza, the implementation of the Zionist vision takes its most inhuman form.
(Ezz Zanoun / APA images)
In a September 2006 article for The Electronic Intifada, I defined the Israeli policy towards the Gaza Strip as an incremental genocide.
Israel’s present assault on Gaza alas indicates that this policy continues unabated. The term is important since it appropriately locates Israel’s barbaric action — then and now — within a wider historical context.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN Full documentary 1878-2006 by A.C.Hitchcock

On Point with Charlie McGrath- RAND Corp Leaked Memo Spells Out Ukraine Blitzkrieg

Charlie McGrath Presents Gary Hendershot
Charlie presents an over view of leaked RAND Corp memo and then discuses history of RAND with activist Gary Hendershot.
A recent leaked memo from the RAND Corporation spells doom for the people of eastern Ukraine. The grotesque disregard for human life in this memo is staggering. Charlie and Gary break down the memo including likely authenticity.

Understand the Israeli – Palestinian Apartheid In 11 Images

WWIII - Israeli Lobbyist Advocates False Flag Attack To Start A War With Iran

All the graphics are from the site Visualizing Palestine, a site dedicated to creating informative and impactful graphics about the occupied region. Check out many more of these images on their site
1. The Forced Exile of The Palestinian People