Tuesday, August 02, 2005


The Leader brings his war balloons and appears at the Jamboree of 50,000 boy scouts.

Men in black "Army" T-shirts coached young boys to chant "OO-rah" like soldiers. A giant "ARMY" hot-air balloon bobbed overhead.

The Leader said the Boy Scouts "understand that freedom must be defended," and touted what he called the "armies of liberation." The Army has fallen behind its recruiting goals amid the Iraq war.

"When you follow your conscience and the ideals you've sworn as a Scout, there is no limit to what you can achieve for our country," The Leader told the crowd, which chanted "USA, USA."


"...The Leader told attendees that he was a former Cub Scout from Texas; the first man he sees every morning – chief of staff Andy Card – is a former Scout from Massachusetts; Vice President Dick Cheney was a Boy Scout in Wyoming; Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld was an Eagle Scout in Illinois; and his mother, former first lady Barbara Bush, was the den mother of his Scouting troop."

The Leader failed to tell the boys that none of these men had actually served in the war machine for which the boys were being recruited.


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