Friday, August 05, 2005


The Last True Story I'll Ever Tell

What was life in Iraq really like? Crawford details how it feels to go 74 days without a shower, eating 2 MREs (meals ready to eat) a day, and sitting in a blinding sandstorm trying to smoke one last Iraqi cigarette-Anthrax lights, as the guys in his battalion called them. With a sense of humor, a strong stomach and a poignant style, Crawford gives us an inside look at life in the Third Battalion of the 124th Infantry in The Last True Story I'll Ever Tell. In this presentation, Crawford draws on his book which began as a series of essays written while he was still stationed in occupied Baghdad. When a journalist from The Nation spent 24 hours embedded with Crawford's battalion, he spread the word about the writer and infantryman. Crawford's book, The Last True Story I'll Ever Tell, is scheduled for release in 2005. For a true vision of what the American soldiers are facing in Iraq, John Crawford is the voice you need to hear.

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