Sunday, May 21, 2006

SOLAMENTE INGLES, POR FAVOR --- --- --- --- (the 'other' base)

(manufactuing a 'values' issue)

"...Taking a look at language, for example, the Pew study found that the children of Hispanic immigrants learn English quickly. In fact, by the second generation, slightly less than half of Latinos are bilingual, another 46 percent favor English, and less than one in 10 still cling to Spanish only."

See also here,

"What is more, recent immigrants are in fact learning English at a faster rate than any earlier generations of immigrants did—and by all the evidence, with at least as much enthusiasm. Whatever "multiculturalism" may mean to its proponents, it most assuredly does not involve a rejection of English as the national lingua franca."

(manufacturing a 'values' issue"

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