Monday, July 03, 2006


When George Bush and other capitalists speak of bringing freedom to the world..
  • They mean the unfettered access to markets through the use of coercive military and economic force.
  • access to markets by any necessary means and absolute dictatorial rule. This is the face of free markets and fair trade as it relates to human beings.
  • They are speaking about the freedom of corporations to operate with impunity in all parts of the world without regulation of any kind.
  • They are covertly advocating the oppression of the world’s people’s, the plunder of the earth, the destruction of culture and language, the exportation of jobs to the cheapest, least regulated and most exploitable pools of labor.
  • the freedom for Plutocrats to rule the world; the global domination of the working class by the ruling Plutocrats.
  • predatory capitalism and it is not limited to just the Bush clan. It is equally championed by Congress, the major presidential candidates, all of whom are in the pockets of their corporate funders; and it is preached in our educational institutions as economic gospel.
  • While political reformists continue to be fooled into choosing between political parties, both of them the servants of the same corporations, the way is being prepared for the final solution
  • Bush is using the NSA, FBI, CIA and the Pentagon against law abiding U.S. citizens.
  • These cryptogamous organizations are monitoring the resistance and planning a pre-emptive strike against any democracy that shows signs of sprouting and organizing itself into a populist movement. The pitiless iron boot of capitalism stands ready to snuff it out like a smoldering cigarette butt on a city sidewalk.
  • They have no intention of relinquishing power through the electoral process or by any other means. They are creating a world-size gulag; a labor concentration camp of global proportions in which there will be two classes: master and servant.

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