Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Updated: 6:13 p.m. ET Aug 29, 2006

MEXICO CITY - Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, convinced he won’t be awarded the presidency, has vowed to create a parallel leftist government and is urging Mexicans not to recognize the apparent victory of the ruling party’s Felipe Calderon.

  • plans to create his own government to rule from the streets,
  • could turn those protest camps into the core of a violent revolt,

  • in the southern city of Oaxaca, outraged citizens’ groups joined the protests, setting fire to buildings and public buses, seizing radio and TV stations and forcing the closure of businesses
  • “Everything we do, from property taxes to permits to natural resources, will go through the ’legitimate government,”’
  • Lopez Obrador to set up his own treasury department
  • “We do not recognize Felipe Calderon as president, nor any officials he appoints, nor any acts carried out by his de-facto government,” said AMLO

  • Lopez Obrador has ruled out negotiations with what he calls the “spurious” and “imposed” government.
  • Lopez Obrador’s plan is to have his government help the poor, oppose privatizations and make the news media more “truthful and objective.”
  • supporters are already planning to hold an alternative swearing in ceremony to rival the official inauguration on Dec. 1.

  • President Benito Juarez, who led a roving, “unofficial” presidency from 1863 to 1867 during the French invasion, before driving out the invaders and executing the French-installed Emperor Maximilian.

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