Saturday, September 16, 2006

Jason Burke, Author of "Al-Qaeda: Casting a Shadow of Terror"


Where Bush and the Neo-cons see a childish sort of black and white, good and bad battle against "evil," British journalist Jason Burke sees a thousand shades of gray. If you read through Burke's thoroughly researched "Al Qaeda: Casting a Shadow of Terrorism," you come away thinking that we have simpletons in the White House directing a unilateral blunderbuss at a problem that requires nuance, vision and collaboration.

But most importantly, you learn from Burke's exploration of Islamic terrorism that the Bush Cartel and its Neo-con strategists don't understand the complexity of the problem. As a result, we are less secure as a nation because the White House doesn't really have a clue what is motivating the terrorism committed against the United States.

We were pleased to interview Jason Burke over the phone from his office at the London-based "Observer."

BuzzFlash is offering "Al Qaeda: Casting a Shadow of Terrorism" as a premium. [LINK]

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