Thursday, September 07, 2006


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Anonymous said...

Only a very uneducated, very unobservant person without the ability to discern the truth. bec
Because he or she is enotionally distanced from understanding the truth.
They have no resources or memory with which to examine the facts which give at the least much evidence to the contrary.
Republicans, Bush, and CIA are in fact defending our country and are opposed by an arrogant controlling Press that uses its power to gain money and more power through intentonal deceit and oppressive Press tactics. Inferential attacks on the integrity of honorable and Just Men has given This Evil Press much Credibility to destroy and pull down honorable men.

EX: J.F. Kennedy was the President Who With His Secretary Of Defense Who brought The U S to The Vietnam War And Conducted it in A Manner Which Caused A Mutiny by Pilots who refused to fly over the same air corrigdor to assist the Viet Cong in shooting down Our B-52 Bombers with Faulty Sam Missiles without failsafe guidance systems Countermeasures.

The war was started to get Control Of Gulf of Tonkin Oil Reserves, so if All else about Bush, said so bad, Then So was J. F. Kennedy in League with CIA And Democrats As Well because they approved his message and even today glorify him and all Kennedies bragging on His Royal Ass and then Stringently opposed Anti Missile Missle development and space sattelites defense systems and ending Cold War And Bringing down of Iron Curtain by Reagan and then changed Strategic method of controlling our Economy by use of Global Warming by use of Environmental Propaganda to put our Economy in hands of Yankee Noodles The Ramen Dingle Berries of New England.