Monday, January 22, 2007

Seyid Hassan Nasrallah in Wide Ranging Interview

By NIR ROSEN, AMER MOHSEN Posted 6 hr. 54 min. ago

So it was no surprise that Seyid Hassan’s long interview dealt with Iraq and what American Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice has called the New Middle East. “In short, the ‘New Middle East’ signifies a collection of statelets that are divided along religious, sectarian and racial lines,” Seyid Hassan explained, “from Lebanon to Syria to Iraq to Iran to Turkey to Afghanistan to Pakistan; all the way to Saudi Arabia and Yemen and the rest of the Gulf States, reaching North Africa. And here...I would like to warn everyone in the Arab and Islamic World, whichever sect or religion they identify with, whether they be Muslim or Christian, Shia or Sunni or Druze, whichever race they belong to, Arabs, Kurds, Turks, etc... Whoever believes that the ‘New Middle East’ will grant him his own independent state, that may be the case, but they should not ignore that a founding pillar of the ‘New Middle East’ is continuous conflict between these statelets.” Seyid Hassan added: “What that means is that no sect or religion or ethnicity in the region will be given a secure state with secure borders, or an internally stable country, instead, we will witness the erection of statelets that remain in a condition of constant infighting and conflict.”

I would say that the Americans did not come to establish a democracy in Iraq, or even to establish a democratic central state, the Americans came to divide Iraq and the entire region.

...some have tried to introduce the happenings in Iraq into the Lebanese scene. It is bizarre here that some politicians in Lebanon who are intimately tied to the US, and who are known to coordinate closely with the Americans, these politicians are agitating Sunnis against Shias under the pretext that Shias are American collaborators. This is a bizarre, surreal contradiction. What I say is that we should keep the tensions of the Iraqi scene in Iraq and besiege their effects, and go there together to solve them.”

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