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March 05, 2007
Palestinian-Israeli Dispute Engenders American Sympathy for Israelis
Public's views have become more polarized over last 10 years

by Lydia Saad


PRINCETON, NJ -- For the nearly 20 years Gallup has been tracking Americans' sympathies in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, more Americans have continually sided with Israelis. That remains the case today, as a solid majority of Americans (58%) say their sympathies lie with the Israelis and only 20% say their sympathies are more with the Palestinians. This is according to Gallup's annual World Affairs survey, updated Feb. 1-4, 2007.

-Imperial Hubris
Michael F. Scheuer

Does unvarying military, economic, and political support for Israel serve substantive US interests, those that, by definition, affect America's survival?

Do we totally support Israel because it is essential to our security, or because of habit, the prowess of Israel's American lobbyists and spies, the half-true mantra that Israel is a democracy, the fear of having no control over a state we allowed to become armed with WMD, the bewildering pro-Israel alliance of liberal Democrats and Christian fundamentalist, and a misplaced sense of guilt over he Holocaust?

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