Monday, July 16, 2007


An in depth interview with Saad al-Faqih, an expert on al Qaeda, provides some insight into this. See also, Frontline, Asia Times, BBC,

  • The American mentality is a cowboy mentality-- if you confront them with their identity theoretically and practically they will react in an extreme manner.
  • They will then elevate you and this will satisfy the Muslim longing for a leader who can successfully challenge the West. ...(you must) identifying every American as a target.
  • The statement in February 1998, which was only 3 or 4 lines, effectively sanctioned shedding the blood of every American.

This decision resulted in the east African embassy attacks of 1998. The result of these attacks were as follows:

  • ...the Americans over-reacted by bombing Afghanistan and Sudan and consequently shifted the focus of blame away from al-Qaeda.
  • Clinton himself identified Bin Laden as the enemy and, in effect, delivered a hero to the Muslims. Bin Laden was transformed into a popular hero.
  • The immediate effect of this was that thousands of Muslims travelled to Afghanistan.

He goes on to explain the motivation for 9/11 and the result of the American reaction:

  • The next stage involved initiating a full scale polarization between Muslims and America.
  • The 9/11 attacks forced America into a cosmic battle with Muslims.
  • Ultimately the real issue here is the perception of Muslims and the vast majority of Muslims around the world feel besieged by America.

The result of this, according to al-Faqih will be internal turmoil in America and its eventual adoption of an isolationist policy:

  • Now strategically I think America has not only lost but it is likely to vanish.
  • It has started a campaign which has forced the majority of Muslims against it.
  • There are many people in America who want to tackle the matter in a much more intelligent manner but they have been silenced by this pervasive McCarthyism.
  • Once the next attack occurs they are likely to say ... is the time to try a different approach.
  • Now of course the right wingers, the Zionists and the arms lobby will refuse to give ground and then a clash inside America is likely to ensue.

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