Friday, August 10, 2007


Good Ol' Bill, The Liberal Hero

By John Pilger

...The Clinton scam is symptomatic of the death of liberalism -

not its narcissistic, war-loving wing ("humanitarian intervention"), which is ascendant,

-but the liberalism that speaks against crimes committed in its name, while extending rungs of the economic ladder to those below

...he is contrasted with the despised Bush as the flawed good guy who did his best for the world and brought economic boom to the US

  • In 1993, ... invasion of Somalia.
  • He invaded Haiti in 1994.
  • He bombed Bosnia in 1995 and
  • Serbia in 1999.
  • In 1998, he bombed Afghanistan; and, ...
  • a major "terrorist target" in Sudan ... Africa's largest pharmaceutical plant, the only source of chloroquine, the treatment for malaria, ... As a result, ... "tens of thousands of people - ... - have suffered and died from malaria, tuberculosis and other treatable diseases".
  • ... destroying and killing in Iraq. Under the lawless pretence of a "no-fly zone", he oversaw the longest allied aerial bombardment since the Second World War. ... At the same time, he imposed and tightened a Washington-led economic siege estimated to have killed a million civilians.

Clinton's economic "legacy" - - is the most unequal society Americans have known.

These days, ... campaigning for his wife, Hillary, among Americans who, terminally naive, still believe the Democratic Party is theirs ..., his wife has no plans
  • to address the divisions of a society that allows 130,000 Americans to claim the wealth of millions of their fellow citizens. ...
  • she wants to continue Iraq's torment for perhaps a decade. And she has
  • "not ruled out" attacking Iran.

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