Wednesday, August 29, 2007


... subtle measures being instituted by the Putin regime to enhance national - and, even more, nationalist - pride.

Two examples: the creation of a patriotic youth movement, and the not-too-subtle rewriting of Russia's school history books. The youth movement called "Nashi" (it translates as "ours") is growing fast, encouraged by government ... to buttress Putin's regime against domestic critics.

The policies that Nashi advocates are eclectic. ... and a detestation of foreigners; ... who threaten the Russian way of life.

Right now, Nashi is training tens of thousands of young diligents; .. they ... discuss "proper" and "corrupt" politics, and receive the necessary education for the struggles to come. ... Nashi is training 60,000 "leaders" to monitor voting and conduct exit polls in elections this coming December and March.

a new manual for high school history teachers that seeks to instill a renewed pride in teenagers of their country's past and encourage national solidarity.

... teaches that "entry into the club of democratic nations involves surrendering part of your national sovereignty to the U.S."

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