Friday, August 03, 2007


Update: Pastor Benny Hinn and Christian Leaders Meet with Arab Ambassadors

Pastor Hinn, born in Israel and fluent in Arabic worked with the Egyptian ambassador to organize the event.

Christian leaders included
  • Pastor Benny Hinn (Founder of Benny Hinn Ministries, flamboyant Pentecostal evangelist),
  • Gordon Robertson (son of televangelist Pat Robertson, Vice President of Internet Media for the Christian Broadcasting Network and co-host of the 700 Club),
  • Rev. Jonathan Falwell (Executive Vice President of Spiritual Affairs at Liberty University and Senior Pastor of Thomas Road Baptist Church),
  • Rev. Reinhardt Bonnke (Founder of Christ for All Nations),
  • Dr. Ron Godwin (Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Liberty University),
  • Dr. Don Argue (former NAE President, President of Northwest University),

  • Ralph E. Reed, Jr. (former executive director of the Christian Coalition who is currently Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Century Strategies. Reed, a longtime political consultant to the Republican Party, is perhaps the most prominent figure on the Christian right who has been closely associated with the now imprisoned GOP uberlobbyist Jack Abramoff.),
  • Paul Crouch, Jr. (son of Trinity Broadcasting Network founder Paul Crouch Sr., Vice President of Administration for Trinity Broadcasting Network),
  • Dr. Roger Breland (Dean of the Center for Performing Arts at the University of Mobile),
  • Rev. Vernon Brewer (Founder and President of World Help),
  • The Honorable Robert Keith Gray (Chairman of Gray and Company II),
  • Rev. Richard Cizik (Vice President for Governmental Affairs of the National Association of Evangelicals),
  • Rev. Tommy Reid (Senior Pastor of The Tabernacle in Buffalo, New York, and founding member of Churches United In Global Mission),
  • Rev. Joshua Youssef (son of Egyptian-born evangelist Michael Youssef, pastor of Church of the Apostles in Atlanta, Executive Vice President of Leading The Way Ministries).

The prestigious group met July 2, 2007, at the Washington, D.C., home
of His Excellency Nabil Fahmy, Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt to
the United States.

In addition to the gracious host, other Middle Eastern representatives
  • His Excellency Farid Abboud (Ambassador of Lebanon),
  • His Excellency Hussein Hassouna (Ambassador of the League of Arab States),
  • His Excellency Nasser Al Belooshi (Ambassador of the Kingdom of Bahrain),
  • His Excellency Amine Kherbi (Ambassador of Algeria),
  • His Excellency Ali Aujali(Ambassador of Libya),
  • His Excellency Samir Sumaid'ie (Ambassador of Iraq),
  • Mr. Nabil El- Dakheel (Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of the State ofKuwait),
  • Mr. Abdel Hakim Al-Eryani (Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy ofYemen),
  • Mahmoour Al- Hinaei (Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of the Sultanof Oman),
  • Ms. Laila Alaoui (PR Counselor, Embassy of the King of Morocco),
  • Mr. Ashraf Salama (Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt).

stated Rev. Richard Cizik of the National Association
of Evangelicals, which represents sixty-one denominations and 45,000
congregations in the United States, with a service constituency of
millions. He added, "None of us should want conflict between our two faiths,
which would only serve the cause of terrorists such as Osama bin Laden. We
all need moral imagination and biblical wisdom to see our way through the
current difficulties in relations between Christians-particularly
evangelical Christians-and Muslims.

Stated CBN's Gordon Robertson, "Now more than ever Christians need to
reach out with love and compassion to the people of the Middle East. I join
with Pastor Benny Hinn in reaching out to Israel with one arm and the Arab
nations with the other.

The meet-up centered on two issues: The Americans focused on the issue of religious freedom in Muslim countries, and the ambassadors wanted to know whether Christians could become more “balanced” in their support of Israel.

As reports slowly emerged from the luncheon, it became clear that the Christians had pressed for an opening to missionize in Arab countries, while the Arab ambassadors' request was for the Christians to moderate their partiality to Israel. Reed said that was non-negotiable.

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