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Map Source: Europe and America: Sharing the Spoils of War

The leadership class in the US is now dominated by a neo-conservative group of people with the shared goal of asserting US military power worldwide. This global dominance group, in cooperation with major military contractors, has become a powerful force in world military unilateralism and US political processes. This research study is an attempt to identify the general parameters of those who are the key actors supporting a global dominance agenda and how collectively this group has benefited from the events of September 11, 2001 and irregularities in the 2004 presidential election.

This study examines how interlocking public private partnerships, including the corporate media, public relations firms, military contractors, policy elites, and government officials, jointly support a US military global domination agenda.

Foundations of the Global Dominance Group

Leo Strauss, Albert Wohlstetter and others at the University of Chicago working in the Committee on Social Thought have been widely credited for promoting the neoconservative agenda through their students, Paul Wolfowitz, Allan Bloom and Bloom's student Richard Perle. Adbuster summed up neo-conservatism as:

"The belief that Democracy, however flawed, was best defended by an ignorant public pumped on nationalism and religion. Only a militantly nationalist state could deter human aggression …Such nationalism requires an external threat and if one cannot be found it must be manufactured."15

The neo-conservative philosophy emerged from the 1960's era of social revolutions and political correctness, as a counter force to expanding liberalism and cultural relativism. Numerous officials and associates in the Reagan and George H.W. Bush Presidencies were strongly influenced by the neo-conservative philosophy including: John Ashcroft, Charles Fairbanks, Dick Cheney, Kenneth Adelman, Elliot Abrams, William Kristol and Douglas Feith.16

Appendix A

Defense Contracts
2004 Total Revenue 2004
% from DOD

Lockheed Martin Corporation $20,690,912,117 $35,526,000,000 58%

General Dynamics Corporation $9,563,280,236 $19,178,000,000 50%

Raytheon Company $8,472,818,938 $20,245,000,000 42%

Northrop Grumman Corporation $11,894,090,277 $29,853,000,000 40%

Halliburton Company $7,996,793,706 $20,464,000,000 39%

Science Applications International $2,450,781,108 $7,187,000,000 34%

The Boeing Company $17,066,412,718 $52,457,000,000 33%

The Carlyle Group $1,442,680,446 N/A N/A

Bell Boeing Joint Program $1,539,815,440 (Boeing) NA

Appendix B


PNAC Project For New American Century
HO Hoover Institute
AEI American Enterprise Institute
HU Hudson Institute
NSC National Security Council
HF Heritage Foundation
DPB Defense Policy Board
CPD Committee on Present Danger
JINSA Jewish Institute of National Security Affairs
MI Manhattan Institute
CLI Committee for the Liberation of Iraq
CSP Center for Security Policy: Institute for Strategic Studies
CSIS Center for Strategic and Int’l Studies
NIPP National Institute for Public Policy
AIPAC American Israel Public Affairs Committee
Team B Presidents Foreign Advisory Board

Important Agencies and Other Organizations

CIA Central Intelligence Agency
DoD Department of Defense
DoS Department of State
CFR Council on Foreign Relations
DoJ Department of Justice
DoC Department of Commerce
WHOMB White House Office of Management and Budget
DoE Department of Energy
DPB Defense Policy Board
DoT Department of Transportation
NSA National Security Agency

Note: In selecting the sixteen important neo-conservative GPG advocacy organizations we relied mostly on the International Relations Center website: http://rightweb.irc-online.org/, The Center for Public Integrity at: www.publicintegrity.org and other sources cited in this paper

1. Abramowitz Morton I.; PNAC, NSC, Asst. Sec. of State, Amb. to Turkey, Amb. To Thailand, CISS, Carlyle
2. Abrams, Elliott; PNAC, Heritage, DoS, HU, Special Asst. to President Bush, NSC
3. Adelman, Ken; PNAC, CPD, DoD, DPB, Fox News, CPD, Affairs, Commander in Chief
Strategic Air Command, Northrop Grumman, Arms Control Disarmament Agency
4. Aldrige, E.C. Jr.; CFR, PNAC, NSA, HU, HF, Sec. of the Air Force, Asst. Sec. of State, Douglas Aircraft, DoD, LTV Aerospace, WHOMB, Strategic Systems Group, Aerospace Corp. 20
5. Allen, Richard V.; PNAC, HF, HO, CFR, CPD, DPB, CNN, US Congress, CIAAnalyst,CSIS, NSC
6. Amitay, Morris J.; JINSA, AIPAC
7. Andrews, D.P.; SAIC
8. Andrews, Michael; L-3 Communications Holdings, Deputy Asst. Sec. of Research and Technology, Chief Scientist for the US Army
9. Archibald, Nolan D.; Lockheed Martin
10. Baker, James, III, Caryle, Sec. of State (Bush), Sec. of Tres. (Reagan)
11. Barr, William P.; HF, HO, PNAC, CFR, NSA, US Congress, Asst. to the President (Reagan), Carlyle,
12. Barram, David J.; Computer Sciences Corporation, US DoC
13. Barrett, Barbara; Raytheon
14. Bauer, Gary; PNAC, Under Sec. of Ed.
15. Bechtel, Riley; Bechtel
16. Bechtel, Steve; Bechtel
17. Bell, Jeffrey; PNAC, MI
18. Bennett, Marcus C.; Lockheed Martin
19. Bennett, William J.; PNAC, NSA, HU, Sec. of Education
20. Bergner, Jeffrey; PNAC, HU, Boeing
21. Berns, Walter; AEI, CPD
22. Biggs, John H.; Boeing, CFR
23. Blechman, Barry; DoD, CPD
24. Bolton, John; JINSA, PNAC, AEI, DoS, DoJ, Amb. to UN, WH Legis. Counsil, Agency Int’l Devel, Under Sec. State Arms Control-Int’l Security
25. Boot, Max; PNAC, CFR
26. Bremer, L. Paul; HF, CFR, Administrator of Iraq
27. Brock, William; CPD, Senator, Sec. of Labor
28. Brooks, Peter; DoD, Heritage, CPD
29. Bryen, Stephen; JINSA, AEI, DoD, L-3 Network Security, Edison Int’l, Disney
30. Bryson, John E.; Boeing
31. Bush, Jeb; PNAC, Governor of Florida
32. Bush, Geroge H. W., President, Carlyle, CIA Dir.
33. Bush, Wes; Northrop Grumman
34. Cambone, Stephen; PNAC, NSA, DoD, Los Alamos (specialized in theater nuclear weapons issues), Ofc. Sec. Defense: Dir. Strategic Def., CSIS, CSP
35. Chabraja, Nicholas D.; General Dynamics
36. Chain, John T. Jr. Northrup Grumman, Sec. of the Air Force, Dir. of Politico-MilitaryAffairs, DoS, Chief of Staff for Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe, Commander in Chief Strategic Air Command
37. Chao, Elaine; HF, Sec. of Labor, Gulf Oil, US DoT, CFR
38. Chavez, Linda; PNAC, MI, CFR
39. Cheney, Lynne; AEI, Lockheed Martin
40. Cheney, Richard; JINSA, PNAC, JINSA, AEI, HU, Halliburton, Sec. of Defense, VP of US
41. Cohen Eliot A.; PNAC, AEI, DPB, DoD, CLI, CPD
42. Coleman, Lewis W.; Northrop Grumman
43. Colloredo-Manfeld, Ferdinand; Raytheon
44. Cook, Linda Z.; Boeing
45. Cooper, Dr. Robert S.; BAE Systems, Asst. Sec. of Defense
46. Cooper, Henry; CPD, DoD, Heritage, Depty Asst. Sec. Air Force, US Arms Control Disarm. Strategic Def. Initiative, Applied Research Assoc, NIPP 21
47. Cox, Christopher; CSP, Senior Associate Counsel to the President, Chairman: SEC.
48. Crandall, Robert L.; Halliburton, FAA Man. Advisor Bd.
49. Cropsey, Seth; PNAC, AEI, HF, HU, DoD, Under-Sec. Navy
50. Cross, Devon Gaffney; PNAC, DPB, HF, CPD, HO
51. Crouch, J.D.; CSP, Depty. National Security Advisor, DoD, Amb. to Romania
52. Crown, James S.; General Dynamics, Henry Crown and Co.
53. Crown, Lester; General Dynamics, Henry Crown and Co.
54. Dachs, Alan; Bechtel, CFR
55. Dahlburg, Ken; SAIC, DoC, Asst. to Reagan, WHOMB
56. Darman, Richard G.; Carlyle, Dir. of the US Office of Management and Budget, President Bush's Cabinet, Asst. to the President of the US, Deputy Sec. of the US Treasury, Asst. US Sec. of Commerce
57. Dawson, Peter; Bechtel
58. Decter, Midge; HF, HO, PNAC, CPD
59. Demmish, W.H.; SAIC
60. DeMuth, Christopher; AEI, US Office of Management and Budget, Asst. to Pres. (Nixon)
61. Derr, Kenneth T.; Halliburton
62. Deutch, John; Dir. CIA, Deputy Sec. of Defense, Raytheon
63. Dine, Thomas; CLI, US Senate (Church, Ed. Kennedy), AIPAC, US Agency Int’l Development, Free Radio Europe/Radio Liberty, Prague, Czech Rep., CFR
64. Dobriansky, Paula; PNAC, HU, AEI, CPB, DoS, Army, NSC European/Soviet Affairs, USIA, ISS
65. Donnelly, Thomas; AEI, PNAC, Lockheed Martin
66. Downing, Wayne, Ret. Gen. US Army, NSA, CLI, SAIC
67. Drummond, J.A.; SAIC
68. Duberstein, Kenneth M.; Boeing, WH Chief of Staff
69. Dudley, Bill; Bechtel
70. Eberstadt, Nicholas; AEI, CPD, PNAC, DoS (consultant)
71. Ebner, Stanley; Boeing, McDonnell Douglas, Northrop Grumman, CSP
72. Ellis, James O. Jr.; Lockheed Martin, Retired Navy Admiral and Commander US Strategic Command
73. Epstein David, PNAC, Office of Sec. Defense
74. Everhart, Thomas; Raytheon
75. Falcoff, Mark; AEI, CFR
76. Fautua, David; PNAC, Lt. Col. US Army
77. Fazio, Vic; Northrup Grumman, Congressman (CA)
78. Feith, Douglas; JINSA, DoD, L-3 Communications, Northrup Grumman, NSC, CFR, CPS
79. Feulner, Edwin J. Jr.; HF, HO, Sec. HUD, Inst. European Def. & Strategy Studies, CSIS
80. Foley, D.H.; SAIC
81. Fradkin, Hillel; PNAC, AEI,
82. Frank, Stephen E.; Northrop Grumman
83. Fricks, William P.; General Dynamics
84. Friedberg, Aaron; PNAC, CFR, NSA, DoD, CIA consultant
85. Frost, Phillip (M.D.); Northrop Grumman
86. Fukuyama, Francis; PNAC, CFR, HU
87. Gates, Robert, CIA-dir. NSA, SAIC
88. Gaffney, Frank; CPD, PNAC, Washington Times, DoD
89. Gaut, C. Christopher; Halliburton
90. Gedmin, Jeffrey; AEI, PNAC, CPD
91. Gerecht, Reuel Marc; PNAC, AEI, CIA, CBS 22
92. Gillis, S. Malcom; Halliburton, Electronic Data Systems Corp
93. Gingrich, Newt; AEI, CFR, HO, DPB, U.S House of Reps., CLI, CPD
94. Goodman, Charles H.; General Dynamics
95. Gorelick, Jamie S. United Technologies Corporation, Deputy attorney general, DoD, Asst. to the Sec. of Energy, National Com. Terrorist Threats Upon the US, DoJ, Nat’lSecurity Adv., CIA, CFR
96. Gouré, Daniel; DoD, SAIC, DoE, DoS (consultant), CSP
97. Haas, Lawrence J.; Communications WHOMB, CPD
98. Hadley, Stephen; NSA advisor to Bush, Lockheed Martin
99. Hamre, John J. ITT Industries, SAIC, U. S. Dep. Sec. of Defense, Under Sec. of Defense,
Senate Armed Services Committee
100. Hash, Tom; Bechtel
101. Haynes, Bill; Bechtel
102. Hoeber, Amoretta; CSP, Defense Industry consultant, CPD, CFR, DoD
103. Horner, Charles; HU, CSP, DoS, Staff member of Sen. Daniel Patrick Moyihan
104. Howell, W.R.; Halliburton, Dir. Deutsche Bank
105. Hunt, Ray L.; Halliburton, Electronic Data Systems Corp, President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board
106. Inman, Bobby Ray; Ret. Adm. US Navy, CIA-Dir, CFR, NSA, SAIC
107. Ikle, Fred; AEI, PNAC, CPD, HU, DPB, Under Sec. DoD, Def. Policy Board
108. Iorizzo, Robert P.; Northrop Grumman
109. Jackson, Bruce; PNAC, NSA, AEI, CFR, Office of Sec. of Def., US Army Military Intelligence, Lockheed Martin, Martin Marietta, CLI, CPD
110. Jennings, Sir John, Bechtel
111. Johnson, Jay L.;General Dynamics, Retired Admiral, US Navy
112. Jones, A.K.; SAIC, DoD
113. Joseph, Robert; Under Sec. of State for Arms Control and Int’l Security Affairs, DoD,
114. Joulwan, George A.; General Dynamics, Retired General, US Army
115. Kagan, Frederick PNAC, West Point Military Academy
116. Kagan, Robert; PNAC, CFR, DoS (Deputy for Policy), Washington Post, CLI, editor Weekly Standard
117. Kaminski, Paul G. General Dynamics, Under Sec. of US Department of Defense
118. Kaminsky, Phyllis ; JINSA, CSP, NSC, Int’l Pub. Rel. Society,
119. Kampelman, Max M.; PNAC, JINSA, CPD, Sec. Housing and Urban Development,
120. Keane, John M. General Dynamics, Retired General, US Army, Vice Chief of Staff of the
Army, DoD Policy Board
121. Kennard, William, Carlyle, NY Times, FCC
122. Kemble, Penn; PNAC, DoS, USIA
123. Kemp, Jack; JINSA, HF, Sec. of HUD, US House of Reps., CPD
124. Keyworth, George; CSP, HU, Los Alamos, General Atomics, NSC
125. Khalilzad, Zalmay; PNAC, Amb. to Iraq
126. King, Gwendolyn S.; Lockheed Martin
127. Kirkpatrick, Jeane; AEI, JINSA, CFR, CPD, NSA, Sec. of Defense Commission, US
Rep. to UN, CLI, CPD, Carlyle
128. Kramer, H.M.J., Jr.; SAIC
129. Kristol, Irving; CFR, AEI, DoD, Wall Street Journal Board of Contributors
130. Kristol, William; PNAC, AEI, MI, VP Chief of Staff ‘89, CLI, Domes. Policy Adv. To VP, ‘89
131. Kupperman, Charles; CPD, Boeing, NIPP 23
132. Lagon, Mark; PNAC, CFR, AEI, DoS
133. Lane, Andrew; Halliburton
134. Larson, Charles R.; Retired Admiral of the US Navy, Northrop Grumman
135. Laspa Jude; Bechtel
136. Ledeen, Michael; AEI, JINSA, DoS (consultant), DoD
137. Lehman, John; PNAC, NSA, DoD, Sec. of Navy
138. Lehrman, Lewis E.; AEI, MI, HF, G.W. Bush Oil Co. partner
139. Lesar, Dave; Halliburton
140. Libby, I. Lewis; PNAC, Chief of Staff to Dick Cheney, DoS, Northrup Grumman, RAND, DoD, House of Rep., Team B
141. Livingston, Robert; House of Rep., CSP, DoJ
142. Loy, James M., Lockheed Martin, Retired US Navy Admiral
143. Malone, C.B.; SAIC, Martin Marietta, DynCorp, Titan Corp., CLI, CPD
144. Martin, J. Landis; Halliburton
145. McCorkindale, Douglas H.; Lockheed Martin
146. McDonnell, John F.; Boeing
147. McFarlane, Robert; National Security Advisor (Reagan), CPD, Bush's Transition Advisory Committee on Trade
148. McNerney, James W.; Boeing, 3M, GE
149. Meese, Edwin; HF, HO, US Attorney General, Bechtel, CPD
150. Merrill, Philip; CSP, DoD, Import-Export Bank of US
151. Minihan, Kenneth A.; Ret. General US Air Force, BAE Systems, DoD, Defense Intelligence Agency
152. Moore, Frank W.; Northrop Grumman
153. Moore, Nick; Bechtel
154. Moorman, Thomas S.; CSP, Aerospace Corporation, Rumsfeld Space Commission, US Air Force: Former vice chief of staff
155. Mundy, Carl E. Jr.; General Dynamics, Retired General, US Marine Corps Commandant
156. Muravchik, Joshua; AEI, JINSA, PNAC, CLI, CPD
157. Murphy, Eugene F.; Lockheed Martin, GE
158. Nanula, Richard; Boeing
159. Novak, Michael; AEI, CPD
160. Nunn, Sam; GE, US Senator, Chairman Senate Armed Services Committee
161. O'Brien, Rosanne; Northrop Grumman, Carlyle
162. Odeen, Philip A.; Defense and Arms Control Staff for Henry Kissinger, TRW, Northrop
163. Ogilvie, Scott; Bechtel
164. Owens, William, Ret. Adm. US Navy, DPB, Joint Chiefs of Staff, SAIC
165. Perle, Richard; AEI, PNAC, CPD, CFR, NSA, JINSA, HU, DoD, DPD, CLI, Carlyle
166. Peters, Aulana L.; Northrop Grumman, SEC
167. Pipes, Daniel; PNAC, CPD, Team B
168. Podhoretz, Norman; PNAC, CPD, HU, CFR
169. Poses, Frederic; Raytheon
170. Precourt, Jay A.; Halliburton
171. Quayle, Dan; PNAC, VP US
172. Ralston, Joseph W.; Lockheed Martin, Retired Air Force Gen., Vice Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff
173. Reed, Deborah L.; Halliburton, Pres. Southern CA. Gas & Elec
174. Ridgeway, Rozanne; Boeing, Asst. Sec. of State- Europe and Canada, Amb. German Democratic Republic, Finland, DoD
175. Riscassi, Robert; L-3 Communications Holdings, UN Command/Korea, Army vice chief 24
of staff; Joint Chiefs of Staff
176. Roche, James; Sec. of the Air Force, CSP, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, DoS
177. Rodman, Peter W.; PNAC, NSA, Asst. Sec. of Defense for Int’l Security Affairs, DoS,
178. Rowen, Henry S.; PNAC, HO, CFR, DPB, DoD
179. Rubenstein, David M.; Carlysle, Deputy Asst. to the President for Domestic Policy (Carter)
180. Rubin, Michael; AEI, CFR, Office of Sec. of Defense
181. Rudman, Warren; US Senator, Raytheon
182. Ruettgers, Michael; Raytheon
183. Rumsfeld, Donald; PNAC, HO, Sec. of Defense, Bechtel, Tribune Co.
184. Sanderson, E.J.; SAIC
185. Savage, Frank; Lockheed Martin
186. Scaife, Richard Mellon; HO, HF, CPD, Tribune Review Publishing Co.
187. Scheunemann, Randy; PNAC, Office of Sec. of Defense (consultant), Lockheed Martin,
CLI Founder /Dir., CPD
188. Schlesinger, James ; DoE, Atomic Energy Commission, Dir. CIA, CSP
189. Schmitt, Gary; PNAC, CLI, DoD (consultant), CLI
190. Schneider, William, Jr.; BAE Systems, PNAC, DoS, House of Rep./Senate staffer, WHOMB, CSP, NIPP
191. Schultz, George; HO, AEI, CPD, CFR, PNAC, Sec. of State, Sec. of Treasury, Bechtel, CLI, CPD
192. Shalikashvili, John M.; Boeing, Retired Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff, DoD, Ret.
Gen. US Army, CFR
193. Sharer, Kevin; Northrup Grumman, US Naval Academy, Ret. Lt. Com. US Navy
194. Sheehan, Jack, Bechtel, DPB
195. Shelman, Thomas W.; Northrup Grumman, DoD
196. Shulsky, Abram; PNAC, DoD
197. Skates, Ronald L.; Raytheon
198. Slaughter, John Brooks; Northrop Grumman
199. Sokolski, Henry; PNAC, HF, HO, CIA, DoD
200. Solarz, Stephen; PNAC, HU, DoS, CPD, Carlyle
201. Spivey, William; Raytheon
202. Statton, Tim; Bechtel
203. Stevens, Anne; Lockheed Martin
204. Stevens, Robert J.; Lockheed Martin
205. Stuntz, Linda; Raytheon, US DoE
206. Sugar, Ronald D.; Northrup Grumman, Association of the US Army
207. Swanson, William; Raytheon, Lockheed Martin
208. Tkacik, John; PNAC, HF, US Senate
209. Turner, Michael J.; BAE Systems
210. Ukropina, James R., Lockheed Martin
211. Van Cleave, William R.; Team B, HO, CSP, CPD, DoD, NIPP
212. Waldron, Arthur; CSP, AEI, PNAC, CFR
213. Walkush, J.P.; SAIC
214. Wallop, Malcolm; Heritage, HU, CSP, PNAC, Senate
215. Walmsley, Robert; General Dynamics, Retired Vice-Admiral, Royal Navy, Chief of Defense Procurement for the UK Ministry of Defense
216. Warner, John Hillard; SAIC, US Army/Airforce Assn.
217. Watts, Barry; PNAC Northrop Grumman
218. Weber, John Vincent (Vin); PNAC, George W. Bush Campaign Advisor, NPR
219. Wedgewood, Ruth; CLI, DoD, DoJ, DoS, CFR 25
220. Weldon, Curt; House of Rep, CSP
221. Weyrich, Paul; HF, PNAC, US Senate
222. White, John P.; L-3 Communications, Chair of the Com. on Roles and Missions of the Armed Forces, DoD
223. Wieseltier, Leon; PNAC, CLI
224. Williams, Christopher A.; PNAC, DPB, Under Sec. for Defense, Boeing (lobbyist), Northrop Grumman (lobbyist), CLI
225. Winter, Donald C; Northrop Grumman
226. Wolfowitz, Paul; PNAC, HF, HU, Team B, Under-Sec. Defense, World Bank, Northrop Grumman, DoS
227. Wollen, Foster; Bectel
228. Woolsey R. James; PNAC, JINSA, CLI, DPB, CIA (Dir.), Under Sec. of Navy, NIPP
229. Wurmser, David; AEI, Office of VP Middle East Adviser, DoS
230. Yearly, Douglas C.; Lockheed Martin
231. Young, A.T.; SAIC
232. Zaccaria, Adrian; Bechtel
233. Zafirovski, Michael S.; Boeing
234. Zakheim, Dov S.; PNAC, HF, CFR, DoD, Northrup Grumman, McDonnell Douglas, CPD
235. Zinni, Anthony C.; Retired General US Marines, BAE Systems, Commander in Chief
US Central Command
236. Zoellick, Robert; PNAC, US Trade Representative, DoS, CSIS, CFR, DOJ

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