Tuesday, October 30, 2007



...And I thought Yon jumped the shark with his baked child AQ story. The single, unsubstantiated source story. Jesus! I wonder if its too much Wild Turkey and Brown Acid?

NEXT DIVERSION: Boycotting magazines who won’t print all the news the Right deems fit.

So let me understand this:
  • No AQ link
  • No WMD's
  • No WMD active programs
  • Mission Accomplished!
  • Sending the ENTIRE Iraqi Army home WITH weapons!
  • Unguarded ammunition supplies
  • A resurgent Taliban in Afghanistan.
  • Abrogation of the 4th Amendment to save us from a bunch of guys with no state, no army, and no missiles ... Jesus, Mary and Joseph--my head is ready to explode! What have we become?
  • A nation of pussies?

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