Sunday, November 11, 2007


Movie Critic

...may prove most effective as a demonstration (as opposed to an antidote) of the political desperation that hamstrings the American middle-left.

The larger backdrop here is Bush's catastrophic 21st-century foreign policy, an incalculably grim situation the movie correctly identifies as the result of a number of equally culpable agencies:
  • a media far more interested in entertaining and profiting than enlightening or challenging;
  • a culture far more engineered toward consumption than action and
  • a political system that cynically lets ends dictate means no matter how many may die in the spin cycle.

Redford's movie is astonishingly naïve, like something made by someone who's recently woken from a seven-year coma and found themselves transfixed in horror by CNN.

...may ultimately serve its most noble purpose in a hopefully more reasonable future when people are desperately trying to figure out just how out of touch the alleged opposition to Bushworld actually was.
  • The answer, if this movie can be taken as any indication, is very out of touch indeed.

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