Friday, November 02, 2007


The whole goddamn congress, judicial and executive branches should be in a water boarding detention center being asked some very intrusive questions.

It is now time for patriots in the FBI, CIA, Military and other agencies to answer the call of the Declaration of Independence, and arrest these scumbags - all of them - and set up a provisional government until such time a constitutional government can be restored.

FBI-US ARMY-US AIRFORCE-PROVOST MARSHAL: Do your job, you took an oath, you are either "servants of the constitution", or you're toast.

DO IT NOW! The bread you put in your mouth is paid for by our toil. We quit toiling and you starve. Simple as that. It really is that simple - think about it.
Cadavre | 11.02.07 - 1:11 pm | #

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MarcLord said...

Nice work through this past stretch, Mr. Jesus. I may just have to borrow some of it. Thanks for your digging and keep on snarking.


Jesus del Norte said...

Good to hear from you. I found this comment in an article in International Clearinghouse. I think this guy has achieved clarity

MarcLord said...

His clarion call is a good one. There are many in those organizations who hold the Constitution very dear, and do not like to see it trampled.

MarcLord said...

Btw, I stole your Iran/geopolitics post below. Changed it a bit, but you've got your byline on it. Where did the original bullet points come from?

Jesus del Norte said...

Bullet points are from here

I should put the link in the body, but I use the device where you can click on the title of the blog for the source article.

This is by Michael T. Klare. The same guy that wrote "Blood and Oil"

Another guy who is extraordinary with his analysis is F. William Engdahl

I think you can find most of his articles here

Scroll down to his Russian pieces

Pepe Escobar is good

Here's a rather famous "gonzo" piece that is a pretty good wrap

BTW, I stole it from someone so you can certainly steal it from me


every time I go to your site I steal something.