Tuesday, November 13, 2007


This website is the result of research which began shortly after September 11th 2001, at which time it soon became apparent that the "War on Terrorism" is merely a smoke screen that masks a hidden agenda. That agenda being the plan to shake-up the Middle East in favour of US "interests", primarily being the security of energy resources which are known to be in decline due to increasing global demand. The neoconservatives in Washington see this as vital if American global leadership is to continue. By declaring a 'War on Terrorism' the Bush administration was in fact going to invade other countries under the pretence of 'fighting the war on terror'. The attacks on 9/11 served as an ideal pretext to kick-start this plan.

There is no doubt that elements within the Saudi government/royal family were heavily involved with the hijacking plot. Pakistan's intelligence service (ISI), having long established ties with both the CIA and Saudi intelligence, also played a key part. It is clear that US intelligence knew in advance of the impending attacks, but took no action to stop them. Was this monumental incompetence or wilful neglect? America's use of Islamic militants for political purposes has a long history - further "independent" investigation could uncover CIA complicity.

Released under the Freedom of Infomation Act - The Cheney Energy Task Force documents feature a map of Iraqi oil-fields, pipelines, refineries and terminals, as well as the foreign suitors for Iraqi oil-field contracts - dated March 2001

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