Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I've been looking a bit at the "Flacks and Hacks" at the Reuters Caracas Bureau, led by chief and head flack Saul Hudson and his
  • team of hacks; Fabian Andres Cambero, Enrique Andres Pretel,
  • reporters; Patricia Rondon, Enrique Andres Pretel, Brian Ellsworth, Ana Isabel Martinez,
  • and editors; Eric Walsh, Brian Ellsworth, David Wiessler

You can find a list of their thinly veiled propaganda boilerplate and even videos by keyword searching "Saul Hudson" here (or any of the other names).

Here are a few selected quotes

  • "In the last days of a campaign with the "Yes" and "No" camps neck-and-neck,
  • "created news by setting a date for Venezuela to adopt its own unique time zone.
  • "the moves could be part of a strategy to burnish Chavez's nationalist credentials and distract voters from unpopular details in his raft of constitutional changes that must be passed in a referendum.
  • "Chavez wants Venezuelans to vote to let him stay in power as long he keeps winning elections,

  • " of a series of measures that includes letting him take full control of currency reserves and "...censor the media during political emergencies.
  • "...the United States has studiously avoided being drawn into diplomatic disputes with the ally of Cuba and Iran.
  • "...a spat that erupted when he called an ex-prime minister a fascist and Spain's King Juan Carlos told him to "shut up."
  • "The Cuba and Iran ally constantly rails at the United States,
  • "Conservative Uribe had refused to withdraw his ambassador in Caracas. He said on Wednesday that Chavez should stop acting emotionally.

  • "Heads of state should think not about their personal rage and their own vanity, but more about the need to respect the people they represent," Uribe said.
  • "Known for harsh insults, Chavez usually focuses his attacks against the United States during campaigns, but this year the Bush administration has avoiding being drawn into a spat.
  • "Wall Street economists say the fights could help distract voters from debating unpopular details in his reform package, such as wresting control over reserves from the central bank.
  • "Well-known for wild accusations and harsh insults, Chavez usually focuses his attacks against the United States during campaigns.

  • "With the Bush administration avoiding being drawn into a spat, he has become involved in disputes with Spain and Colombia and repeatedly lambasted the Roman Catholic Church.
  • "Some political analysts and Wall Street economists say the fights appear to be a tactic that burnishes his nationalist credentials and also helps distract voters from debating some of the unpopulardetails in his proposed reform package.
  • Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez exhausted his Colombian counterpart's patience by speaking out of turn once too often,
  • Chavez, who is on television on average 40 hours a week, acknowledges he finds it difficult to keep his mouth closed.

  • Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez would not shut up for Spain's king but, over the weekend, he heeded a higher calling to stop talking -- his bladder.
  • Venezuelan officials say Chavez is on television an average of 40 hours a week. He says he drinks coffee all day So in Venezuela there is puzzlement that Chavez usually avoids being seen going to the bathroom during his weekly TV show that can last up to 8 hours.

If these idiots are journalists,

then I am the King of Spain. "Why dont you shut the fuck up!"

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