Tuesday, November 13, 2007


...the king had "got very mad, like a bull. But I'm a great bullfighter - olé!"...Mr King, we are not going to shut up."

"perhaps Aznar thinks he is Fernando VII and we are still a colony. No, Carabobo [a battle of independence] already happened. Aznar, Ayacucho [another battle during the wars of independence] already occurred. The Spanish empire was already thrown out of here almost 200 years ago Aznar. Let those who stick their noses in Venezuela take note that we will not accept it."

United Left, a Spanish political party, qualified Juan Carlos' statements as "excessive." Willy Meyer, spokesperson for the party, said that Juan Carlos behaved as if he was still in the 15th or 16th centuries. "The King can't tell the Spanish President to shut up," he said, "and doesn't have the right to do this to others outside of Spain."

By attacking Juan Carlos, Chávez may cast himself as a true Venezuelan patriot fighting against the domineering attitude of the old Spanish Empire. It's a move that plays well to the Chavista base and Venezuelans' sense of national pride.

...Josefina Carbaño from San Juan de Los Morros questioned the authority of Juan Carlos to make such pronouncements. "A king imposed by the dictatorship of General Franco has no moral or political authority to silence the President of Venezuela," she said.

In 1969 Juan Carlos was formally designated Prince of Spain and heir apparent to fascist dictator, General Francisco Franco. Juan Carlos often performed official and ceremonial state functions alongside Franco before proclaiming a constitutional monarchy after the dictator's death in 1975.

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