Saturday, November 10, 2007


...members of the Venezuelan students’ resistance movement, traveled all the way to Belgrade to gain a first-hand insight into the experience of Serbia’s students and Otpor (Resistance) members, who fought against the former regime in the second half of the 1990s.

  • Ronel Galo, Estudiante de Comunicación Social de la UMA
  • Rodrigo Diamanti, Egresado UCAB
  • Eliza Totaro, Estudiante de Comunicación Social UCAB

Eliza Totaro said,

“Our government accused us of working for CIA, branded us terrorists and criminals trained by foreign governments and branded by the regime as "foreign mercenaries and traitors,"

Well, this group *was* in Belgrade to be trained by this CIA front group, with story here


This is what the CIA, Radio B92 and this group of Venezuelan Student leaders think of the Bolivarian Revolution.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has been known for his
  • statements against Washington,
  • sharp criticism of what he calls "the imperialist capitalism",
  • forced nationalization of companies and
  • even schools and
  • a rather odd request to move the country's time zone “so as to offer a more equitable distribution of sunlight to his people.”

On top of that, his regime is characterized by a
  • complete control of the media, and a fact that,
  • despite immense oil reserves,
  • life standards in Venezuela are not improving, with the
  • human rights violated on an almost daily basis.

Chavez is primarily concerned with his
  • appearances in media, and with
  • attracting attention by criticizing U.S. President George Bush.
  • craving for media attention.
  • more time apparently fighting Bush and the imperialism,
  • instead of trying to curb poverty on his own doorstep,”
“He used to be very popular at the beginning of his career, but the
  • citizens of Venezuela are becoming aware as time goes by that he failed to live up to their high expectations,”
  • The students fear that the Chavez regime will grow to be even more repressive, but still
  • harbor hope they will learn from the experience of their Serbian colleagues and successfully fight for freedom and respect of human rights in their country.
How about these revolutionary students and their very nice road trip to Belgrade while the real revolutionary students are fighting for reforms in the barrios of Venezuela.

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