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...and losers rewrite history continually as bills come due, consequences surface, newly revealed errors and shortcomings must be excused, and heavier blame must be shifted onto backs sturdy enough to bear it.

It looks like a bunch of bills are coming due.

Case in point: Michael Abramowitz's insider-propelled backgrounder in the Washington Post, U.S. Promises on Darfur Don't Match Actions tries to explain why, despite its brave talk, the Bush administration isn't getting anything done on Darfur.


I became interested in Darfur when I became aware of the fact of an "obviously engineered" "Save Darfur" bandwagon. A bandwagon engineered by the "humanitarian interventionist" division of the US War Party.

The part of the CIA that did this kind of operation was shut down in the '70's by Frank Church, etc and then subsequently outsourced by Ronald Reagan to organizations like the National Endowment for Democracy, Freedom House, George Soros' Open Society Institute with the CIA theory and management developed by Robert Helvey and Gene Sharp at the Albert Einstein Institution.

The "giveaway" that it is an "engineered operation" is that there is "no context". Now "no context" is a rule of not only propaganda but also of "humanitarian intervention" operations. If the "no context" rule doesn't work then disinformation is substituted.

Here is some good context from China Matters This isn't all the story or even 100% accurate, but it is an interesting place to start.

One riff in the article that I find interesting is the "I can be your friend or your enemy" ploy.

"The US engineered peace for Darfur, commonly known as Darfur Peace Agreement (DPA) is both "fake and unsustainable"...Its prime engineer Mr Robert Zoelick and his arch Experts produced a document...the only other signatory of the DPA was Minni Minnawi and his SLM fraction...Lashing Minnawi to sign the agreement, Mr Zoelick warned him: "I could be a very good friend but could also be a nasty enemy"

The segment concludes with this observation, ...any agreement that is an outcome of bullying cannot guarantee "lasting and sustainable peace".

We encountered this same ploy in Pervez Musharraf's recent book where he explains that he entered into the USA GWOT because of a call from State Dept Richard Armitage who threaten that Pakistan would be bombed back into the Stone Age should the Pakistani leader refuse to join the U.S. fight against al Qaeda.

In John Perkins book, "The Secret History of the American Empire: Economic Hit Men, Jackals, and the Truth about Global Corruption", he explains that his job was to subvert elected officials with a line similar to this, “Look, you know, if you play our game, I can make you and your family very healthy. I can make sure that you get very rich. If you don’t play our game, if you follow your campaign promises, you may go the way of Allende in Chile or Arbenz in Guatemala or Lumumba in the Congo.”

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