Saturday, December 01, 2007



President Hugo Chavez told over 500,000 supporters at the final campaign rally
  • [if the] Venezuelan oligarchy, playing the [U.S.] empire's game, comes with their little stories of fraud," he will suspend all oil shipments to the U.S immediately
  • Chavez also warned private media against promoting violence and destabilization after the referendum.

Chavez told his supporters that
  • the reforms which would reduce the work week to 36 hours,
  • allow for presidential reelection,
  • recognize new forms of property, and
  • give more power to grass roots communal councils,
will "open the path to socialism."

Chavez said and called on his supporters to stay mobilized in the streets after the referendum in order to prevent opposition inspired disturbances.

"They say they will only recognize the results if they win ... and they will take to the streets," Chavez told the rally. "Fine. We'll see you in the streets then, we are not afraid."

Chavez said, "My life belongs the the Venezuelan people. I am a soldier, and if I have to pick up a rifle to defend Venezuela, then I will."

If the opposition private TV channel Globovision, "takes part in the game of imperialism" and if they violate Venezuelan law by publishing premature or false election results before polls close, they will be taken off air immediately,

And he made very clear what being with the revolution means -- it means going against the oligarchs, against Uribe, against the American imperialists, against the King of Spain, against the European imperialists, and being in solidarity with progressive and revolutionary forces throughout the world in general and with Fidel in particular.

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