Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Unfortunately neither the Democans or Republicrats will be talking about any of this. If your candidate is not forcefully talking about these issues along with specific and immediate reforms then he/she is wasting your time and hers/his because nothing of significance will change.

This is a redaction of the original.

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  • call for a national crackdown on the corporate crime, fraud, and abuse that have robbed trillions of dollars from workers, investors, pension holders, taxpayers and consumers. Among the reforms that won’t be suggested are ...
  • demand that workers receive a living wage instead of a minimum wage. ... repeal of the anti-union Taft-Hartley Act of 1947, ...forming or joining trade unions ... Wal-Mart or McDonald’s levels.
  • call for a withdrawal from the WTO and NAFTA. Renegotiated trade agreements should stick to ...
  • a call for our income tax system to be substantially revamped so that workers can keep more of their wages while we tax the things we like least, ... that corporations should be required to pay their fair share;
  • a call for a single payer health system. ... a program with quality and cost controls and an emphasis on prevention.
  • stand up to the commercial interests profiting from our current energy situation. ... major new initiatives in solar energy, doubling motor vehicle fuel efficiency, ... clean energy technologies. ... recognition that current fossil fuels are producing not just global warming, but also cancer, respiratory diseases, and geopolitical entanglements. ...ending environmental racism that leads to more contaminated water, air, and toxic dumps in poorer neighborhoods.
  • reduction in the military budget that devours half the federal government’s operating expenditures at a time when there is no Soviet Union or other major state enemy ...a wasteful defense weakens our country and distorts priorities at home.
  • call for electoral reform. Both parties have shamelessly engaged in gerrymandering,
  • Other electoral reforms ...reducing barriers to candidates, same day registration, a voter verified paper record for electronic voting, run-off voting to insure winners receive a majority vote, binding none-of-the-above choices and most important, full public financing to guarantee clean elections.
  • a failed war on drugs that costs nearly $50 billion annually. And the major candidates will not argue that addicts should be treated rather than imprisoned. .. repeal the “three strikes and you’re out” laws that have needlessly filled our jails or to end mandatory sentencing that hamstrings our judges.
  • stop ignoring the diverse Israeli peace movement whose members have developed accords for a two state solution with their Palestinian and American counterparts. .. a real Washington peace show for the security of the American, Palestinian, and Israeli people.
  • stand up to business interests that have backed changes to our civil justice system that restrict or close the courtroom to wrongfully injured and cheated individuals, but not to corporations. ...campaign against fraud and injury upon innocent patients, consumers, and workers?
Voters should visit the webpages of the major party candidates. ... email or send a letter to any or all the candidates and ask them why they are avoiding these issues.

Breaking the taboos won’t start with the candidates. Maybe it can start with the voters.

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