Saturday, July 19, 2008


But Milne makes a further point. The rise of neo-fascism in Italy, and elsewhere, is tied to the collapse -- or rather the surrender -- of center-left parties to the pernicious doctrines of the Right. Everywhere, these parties ---
  • Democrats in America,
  • Labour in the UK, various
  • Social Democrats throughout Europe –
have turned themselves into pale copies of conservative parties, adopting policies that have
  • degraded society,
  • destroyed communities,
  • entrenched injustice,
  • rewarded greed,
  • poisoned the earth,
  • embraced militarism and aggression,
  • inflicted vast suffering on developing nations (through the straightjacket of "market reforms," i.e., corporate-crony welfare),
  • subverted democracy,
  • diminished liberty and
  • gutted the very notion of the common good.

the Democrats – and New Labour and other craven centre-left parties – have embraced the Right's agenda of elitist domination, militarism and scorn for the common good because they agree with it.
  • Any figures with genuinely "progressive" views have been winnowed out or marginalized by the big money machines that run the parties.
  • Such people are always a minority amongst the self-interested factions who vie for domination over a nation's affairs, of course. But there used to be a more substantial minority of such folks in U.S. politics, with enough leverage to sometimes affect national policy and even score some successes.
  • But this strain has been almost completely bred out, as we have seen in the latest Democratic Congress – the most reviled and unpopular Congress in American history.]

In the current U.S. presidential campaign, we can see this dynamic of center-left collaboration with the Right – which has been going on for almost a quarter-century in America – playing itself out once again. Barack Obama's "surge" to the Right –
  • Likewise, his embrace of the Terror War; true, he wants to do it more "efficiently," and perhaps add a few more targets – in Pakistan, say – but he still wants to do it.
He makes no bones about continuing this militarist project which has already
  • killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people,
  • bankrupted the national treasury,
  • and is now – through the Terror War oil price spike – strangling the entire national economy.

All of this – especially the Terror War's continuing brutalization and coarsening of the national ethos – is meet food for neo-fascism to feed upon.

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