Thursday, July 10, 2008


...could Jesse Jackson's remarks being broadcast all over the cable punditocracy today have been scripted and choreographed? Here's my rationale:

1. Jesse Jackson is not stupid, and is the father of an extraordinary loyal Obama backer. He also happens to be Chicago-based, which is big-time Obama country.

2. Jackson was on Fox News when he made the remarks, and had to have known that anything he said was fair game for red meat-seeking tabloid journalists.

3. Jacksons' comments actually crudely play to Obama's advantage ... it reverberates Obama's ability to speak truth even when the truth hurts (I hate to compare this to Clinton's Sista Souljah moment, but that's the best analogy I can come up with), tempers concerns from white Democrats that Obama is beholden to his African-American base and highlights his faith-based initiatives.

4. It neuters any of McCain's perceived momentum or foreign policy advantage over Iran's missile tests by completely co-opting the news cycle.

5. Jackson's delivery of the comments look scripted to me.

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