Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Antifa (in comments) said:

  • There will be no prosecutions, nor even any investigations of the crimes of the two Bush terms.
  • There will be no payback nor recompense to those deceived, robbed, and killed.
  • There will not even be a Truth Commission to simply explore without vengeance an accounting of how our Republic went further afield than even the Third Reich in some ways.

For that would be a farce. That would be asking half the whores in the bordello to sit in judgment of the shocking escapades and easy virtues of the rest. Such a trial couldn't stand up long enough for the opening statements.

The entire Congress, the full House and Senate will need to be dragged before honest investigators and prosecutors and their conduct compared to the written laws of the land, to the oaths of office they took, and to the Constitution they have rendered moot if there is to be an accounting of our failure as a Republic.

Because none of this will ever happen, our nation will slide all the more readily into an authoritarian hell where the corporatist State is what matters, is all that matters, and every citizen is but fodder for its maw.

  • From banks and corporations too big to fail it is no step at all to a Federal government too big to fail.
  • The only inalienable right left in America is for the Federal government to increase its size, budget, strength, reach, power, purse, armaments, and control.

We, the people, are its natural prey, and its only true enemy.

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