Monday, July 21, 2008


from Jim Lobe's Blog

Colonel Pat Lang, the former senior intelligence officer and Middle East expert, is certainly asking the right questions about Bill Kristol’s reference on Fox News today his recent visit to Fort Hood, Texas... talk to Gen. Odierno, who has just been confirmed as...

...Washington’s top military commander in Iraq

...what would Kristol, who reportedly speaks with Sen. John McCain pretty regularly and has long been close to some of McCain’s top foreign-policy advisers (Randy Scheunemann, Bob and Fred Kagan, etc.), tell Odierno about Iraq or military strategy that the general does not already know

...why would General Odierno want to arrange a talk with one of the neo-conservatives’ top polemicists...

Back in the day, The Iraqi Neocon cabal included retired General Jack Keene and the Kagans and their spouses from the American Enterprise Institute teaming up withGrnls Petreaus and his boy Gen. Odierno to produce "The Surge" in reaction to James Baker/Lee Hamilton Iraqi Study Group. "The Surge" was designed to give the illusion of Iraq under control so we could move on to "what real men do" and that is "go to Tehran"

The two military command slots that matter are US Central Command and Commander of Multinationational Forces-Iraq. CentCom controls the theatre from Egypt to Pakistan and has been filled, in the past, with old line military who have no interest or intention of opening up the 3rd Front-Iran, or the 4th Front-Pakistan. The Neocons problem was solved when Admiral Fallows was tossed out of CentCom and replaced with Petraeus. Odierno then took over Petraeus' old post as Commander of Multinational Forces-Iraq. So now, the military positions that matter are filled by the neoconservative's generals who are ready and willing to go to war in Iran or Pakistan or both.

Neoconservatives have now subverted and politicized the command structure of the US military with Petreaus and Odierno. If Obama doesnt toe the line (and he is at least on board for Pakistan and the good war-Afghanistan) then the neocons can push back through the generals. Bush and McCain have already set the groundwork by repeatedly saying that they cannot adjust military war strategy without consulting the Generals in the field.

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