Wednesday, August 20, 2008



Slave Revolt said...

What appears clear to me is that the psychic impetus that undergirds US/Euro imperialism's desire to contain Russia is the fact of class/social domination. Russia--though it has an oligarch class--still represents that which always must remain repressed: the potential that the peasant and working classes might again try to take state power, and become an example for the marginalized classes in other nations.

The capitalist West clearly have over-reached. The IMF shock-therapy, selling off everything at cents on the dollar, destroying the social saftey net, etc.--these policies were antagonistic, mercenary, and, basically, unethical.

Then they try to develop US client states from among the former Soviets. Really, did they expect Russia to sit on its hands while it was being encircled?

Look for Russia to align with anti-imperialist forces around the world. The game isn't over yet, but if the US, Israel, and Europe insist on pushing this further, I can guarantee you that Arab 'terrorists' will be a puny threat in the face of a new, more agressive form of cold war brinksmanship.

The US allied forces of imperialism and class domination have gone too far.

Jesus del Norte said...

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