Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Tharin Gartrell, left, Shawn Robert Adolph,33, center, Nathan Johnson, right

OK, Here's the big question: Whose patsies are these and Who blew their cover?

Will Obama will be the next 911, and the final step of the fascist take over of the United States of America will have been completed.

This story is getting very little coverage in the corporate media and it appears that a blackout is now in force on the story.

Mr Gartrell was arrested by the Aurora police on Sunday after he was stopped for driving erratically. In the back of the vehicle, officers found two high-powered rifles, one with telescopic sights, a spotting scope, a flak jacket, camouflage clothing, a bulletproof vest, boxes of ammunition, three fake identity cards, two wigs, two walkie-talkies and a quantity of the drug methamphetamine, a form of speed known as crystal meth.

...with the Secret Service conspicuous by its absence

Fox News reported that the three men might have links to Sons of Silence, an outlaw motorcycle group, as well as white supremacists with ties to the Aryan Nation.

How is it that a biker from a club that deals in methamphetamine, a business that as a matter of form has contingency plans for dealing with cops, who is simply pulled over for erratic driving, quickly confesses, for no reason, to an assassination plot to kill Obama and quickly rats out all of his biker co-conspirators?

If you blew your role as patsy by being picked up too soon, it might be wise to mitigate your grief in prison by following through on the story.

The arrest led police to the Cherry Creek Hotel in Denver, about four miles from Invesco Field - where Mr Obama will accept the nomination - to pursue Mr Adolph, 33, who was already wanted on numerous warrants. He jumped out of a sixth floor hotel window, breaking an ankle, and was arrested. Police sources said he was wearing a ring with the Nazi swastika.

All three belong to Aryan Nations, according to Victor Ross, the police chief in Glendale, a suburb of Denver where one of the suspects was arrested. The other two were held in Aurora, another suburb.

"We don't usually have that number of Aryan Nations people here,'' Mr Ross said

OK, so they belong to a meth dealing biker club, they are Aryan Nation, their name is Adolph, they wear a swastika ring, and they are carrying around a meth lab and they jump out of sixth floor windows and they are going to assassinate Obama from a high vantage point in the Invesco Field. That is a rare combination.

A motorcycle gang reportedly connected to the three men suspected of trying to kill Barack Obama are up in arms claiming any link is pure hogwash.

A rep from the Denver chapter of the Sons of Silence motorcycle club said, "Those guys have nothing to do with our organization whatsoever. Nothing. None of our guys know who they are. We heard one of them was wearing a Sons of Silence support t-shirt, but you can buy that online or at any of our swap meets."

So now, our assassins have gone to the trouble of an elaborate costuming. Why? and who are they really?

So far, this plan is off to a bad start. It's not as bad as JFK's head recoiling into the bullet, but it's getting close.

Ironically and coincidentally, Obama's opponent, John McCain, made a blatant appeal to the racist right by appearing at the massive outlaw biker rally at Sturgis, South Dakota, an annual convention of Neo-Nazis, white supremacists and anti-semites. It was at this convention that John volunteered his wife, Cindy, to compete in Miss Buffalo Chip, a topless beauty contest.

OK, here's the drill
  1. They will fly in a sniper in a private jet.
  2. They will have obtained two identical rifles (to avoid Technical Services Division-style controversy about the type of rifle found), keeping the receipt from the second rifle (bought at a gun shop in the area).
  3. They will send a special invitation to the patsy, a white male from the South with three names, to attend a reception after the public rally.At the rally, the sniper will blow Obama's head clean off. He will then head back to his jet to be flown.
  4. The patsy will find himself alone at the site of the 'reception', will be drugged, and eventually will be shot by authorities, 'resisting arrest' . The second rifle will be the 'throw down', placed by the authorities beside the patsy so the photos can show the assassin beside his gun. Later, the assassination rifle will be swapped for the throw down (so the ballistics will match), with the patsy's fingerprints applied to the sniper's rifle post mortem.
  5. The patsy will be described as a white supremacist, neo-Nazi, gun nut. None of his friends will be able to recall hearing him say one racist thing, and nobody will ever recall seeing him with a gun or even talking about guns. Nevertheless, the authorities will raid his house (described as a 'compound'), and will discover a huge cache of guns (including the receipt for the assassination rifle, although a later check of the surveillance tape at the gun shop will show that the video system was malfunctioning at the time the rifle was purchased), neo-Nazi regalia on the walls, and a collection of white supremacist literature.
Except one major difference this time. Obviously, there are two warring agencies. One agency knows exactly what the other agency is doing and is checkmating them. Who is who? Which is which?


MarcLord said...

"Except one major difference this time. Obviously, there are two warring agencies. One agency knows exactly what the other agency is doing and is checkmating them. Who is who? Which is which?"

Had much the same thoughts after seeing these hapless twits luck out. Would loooove to hear their interrogation recordings. After my wife and a friend watched Hillary Clinton's convention speech and were effusing to me, I said, "Yep, I knew she didn't have enough pull to get Obama offed."

There is a war for control going on behind the scenes, and payback is a bitch.

Jesus del Norte said...

Your blog is looking great. I loved the piece about Wealth of Nations and Wealth of Corporations. I've had that idea bouncing around in my mind for awhile but had never got around to articulating it.

I dont know if the warring agencies are the Mossad and the CIA or uber groups but a partial list of incidents
1. The Air Force nukes caught out of place in Barksdale
2. The Lebanese agent in Houston killed by local police
3. Attempted Sarkozy assassination in Tel Aviv just as he was leaving.
4. Obama attempt in Denver

There are more. I need to start keeping a lis