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Mearsheimer Sees Signs of Glasnot in Israel Lobby

It is now commonplace for people to predict what John Mearsheimer said six months ago: that if there aren't two states, and fast, Israel is headed for apartheid-struggle in the eyes of the world, with American Jews supporting it; and the 2 state solution doesn't look very likely.

My sense is that it is becoming increasingly apparent to all sorts of people, but especially to American Jews, that Israel is headed for big trouble, mainly because it continues to create a Greater Israel and deny the Palestinians a state of their own.

There will be two reactions.

  • Lots of supporters will start thinking of ways to get Israel to accept a two-state solution. This is what J Street is all about.
  • Lots of others will redouble their efforts to defend Israel, in large part because they favor a Greater Israel and believe they can dominate the discourse here as they have in the past, thus insulating Israel from criticism.

Which side wins?

The internet changes things so much, because it makes it possible for the Phil Weiss's of the world to reach a huge number of people. The lobby simply cannot dominate

Simply put, it is getting very hard to defend Israel's behavior these days and it looks like it will get increasingly difficult with time.

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