Wednesday, November 26, 2008


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Pho is a little bit difficult to make, but it will be to make easy if you follow these steps. First of all, pho is made with beef knuckles, dry fish seasoning, salt, and 2~3 gallons of water. The dry fish seasoning is included with an anchovies, a small piece of mackerel. Moreover the beef knuckle should be cut smaller than real size. It is very easy part of this cook. You should wash the beef knuckles and cut them. After that, the beef knuckles and seasoning with a teaspoon of salt are in boiling water for 2 hours. Next, the fat is skimmed from the surface of the soup because it isn’t good for health. Then, add the oxtail, radish, and onions. Anise pods, cinnamon stick, cloves, peppercorns, and ginger are tied by cheesecloth or a spice bag; add to the soup, sugar, salt, fish sauce, and then the noodles are needed to cook. While the soup is boiling, the noodles should be prepared. Those are boiled in other boiling water. Thereafter, those are mixed with the soup, and the mixed soup is boiled for 30 minutes. Finally, if the finish the cook, the pho is put in the bowl from the hot pot, taste and feeling are satisfied with the pho. Many foreign people don’t experience to eat pho yet, so if you want recommend to another people it; you should make it and eat before you recommend to another people.

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