Friday, November 28, 2008


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This is the first year that President Chávez's new political party, the PSUV - Socialist Party of Venezuela - is participating in elections and it will be a test for the strength and popularity of the party.

Candidates in all states that have received Chávez's endorsement are all from the PSUV party and in fact were selected through an intricate primary voting process earlier this year

new opposition - dissidence - has arisen from the ranks of the revolution, with parties such as PODEMOS and PPT postulating candidates to oppose and compete with the PSUV candidates.

President Chávez and others in his government have declared these elections pivotal to the future of the revolution and its widespread consolidation and unity throughout the nation.

Projects of the Chávez Government, such as agricultural development, industry, factories and new production models depend widely on the support and active participation of regional governments. Those still unclear about what is taking place in Venezuela must understand that we are in a revolution with an adamant, determined and vicious enemy that operates within. Those regional governments that actively oppose Chávez and his policies make a point of sabotaging and subverting his programs and projects

some important states are in serious contention, such as Zulia, Carabobo, Sucre and Miranda.

Therefore, it is essential that regional governments,
  • key strategic states, like Zulia and Bolívar,
  • border states such as Táchira, Apure, Mérida, Falcón, and
  • those states near the capital city of Caracas, including Aragua, Carabobo, Anzoátegui and Miranda,
remain in or are won by candidates that support the revolutionary objectives put forth by the Chávez Administration.

In play
  • to continue to deepen and consolidate the revolutionary process and
  • to allow for a more unified nation that is capable of implementing projects destined to accelerate production and development in the country on an economic and social level.

At stake is
  • the future capacity of President Chávez to govern a nation in revolution and
  • not a nation divided and run in part by coup-leaders, saboteurs and proponents of free-market capitalism.

electoral process here is time tested and fraud proof, SO
  • opposition continues to threaten with violence and destabilization activities
  • media manipulation and early posting of results.

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