Monday, November 03, 2008


Sarah, I love you for having revealed unto the media the snarling heart of the beast that is the base (and the soul) of the Republican Party. Yes, you have the lipstick and the heels, not to mention the calves and bosoms, that send Republican men into swoons, but you have more; the pit-bull snarl that rouses your supporters to cry out, “Traitor!” against Obama, and “Kill him!”

...George Bush kept those folks in their kennels

...But now the beast is loose.

...The Republican Party freed the slaves ... The Democratic Party became the party of segregation in the South and the second home of the Klu Klux Klan.

...Lyndon Johnson is the pivotal figure, ...he knew that if he pushed through the Civil Rights Act his party would lose the South for a generation.

...The Republicans saw their opportunity. They pursued the Southern Strategy, wooing resentful whites with great success.

...That pillar of the Republican Party is crumbling.

...Along came John McCain.

...Not quite capable of running as a true Know Nothing himself, he chose someone who could: Sarah Palin. She does it well, and in so doing, shows us, clearly and simply, who they really are.

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