Sunday, November 30, 2008


In an essay in the Web magazine Realization in 2000, Alan Scherr described his journey from college professor and follower of Eastern meditation to a member and full-time staff member of the Synchronicity community, led by Master Charles, described as a contemporary mystic and master of meditation.After listening to Master Charles speak in 1994, Scherr wrote, he and his wife decided to join the community, which promotes high-tech meditation and a holistic lifestyle. They moved to Faber in 1996.

Uh, “High-tech meditation”? According to the group’s website, this means:

Synchronicity Contemporary High-Tech Meditation, created by Master Charles Cannon, is the foundation of the Synchronicity Paradigm Lifestyle Model, which is designed to be practiced on a daily basis. This contemporary form of meditation utilizes Synchronicity’s proprietary Holodynamic Vibrational Entrainment Technology (HVET), to bring precision to the meditative experience. It is available in the form of Alpha, Theta, and Delta CD’s that “meditate you” by balancing the brainwaves and delivering a precision meditation experience — one that is accurate and consistent. Such precision meditation delivers greater balance and wholeness.

Master Charles is an amalgam of the old and new.

On the one hand, he is a traditionally-trained Siddha yogi who gives shaktipat to stimulate Kundalini activity; but at the same time, he runs a business that sells technologically-sophisticated sound recordings based on brain wave entrainment.

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