Saturday, December 20, 2008


clipped from Voltaire
He may be a muslim. In the US they want to hide it, in the rest of the world they want to promote it.

Policy of Obama is more aggressive, more militaristic and more catastrophic

He is a puppet of the Trilateral Commission and of Zbigniew Brzezinski.

A clique of bankers. They ran the Carter administration. This same group has groomed another puppet

This time with more preparation, more preparation. A left wing demogue, who promises hope and change, but represents policies that are qualitatively worse and he can deliver Europe. As expendable assets.

Not wars in the middle east, but wars on a greater scale. The center of power is not Iran its Moscow and Beijing. Smash Russia and china, to let the Anglo American hegemony go on for another hundred years.

A puppet of finance capital of David Rockefeller, George Soros and this group. Extreme austerity, savage reductions in the standard of living, emmiseration and impoverishment of the US

Global showdown with Russia and China. They need left cover. Right wingers dont know how to attack this. Communist or Muslim. He may have been a Muslim. His fathers were more devoted to whiskey than Islam.

Is he bi sexual, did he smoke crack cocaine. It is imperative that our leaders have a unknown, blackmailable criminal history.

A puppet of the worse circles of imperialism. More effective, more clever, but more insane.

Bomb Iran. Youre too weak, too isoloated, too bankrupt, too hated. Iran at war with Russia. Example, Afghan vs Russia.

Bomb Syria. Make a deal with Syria. There is an important Russian naval base in Tartus. Get the Russians out of Tartus

Instead of having Muslims the targets, have them as cannon fodder. For the project against Russia.

Take Chinese Turkestan. There is a muslim minority there. The Uigyrs. Have them fight and die in some kind of insurrection. There is an insurrection in Tibet.

Forget the target list that you have known, the target list is getting bigger.

Take Sudan. Arab country, arab league. Why is Sudan being targeted? What is the story with Darfur. Why are they doing that. Are they really concerned about a humanitarian emergency. No. They are concerned because 7% of China's oil comes from sudan. They are looking for a pretext to go into Sudan, overthrow Bashir and cut off that oil going to Sudan. Gulf of Aden and pirates. Who is going after the pirates. China and India. Us with the best Navy in the world, we can do nothing. There is a double game here. Not only to control the Indian Ocean sea route and the oil going to China and India, but also to shut off the tanker trade out of the Persian Gulf and ship that oil by pipeline to the Mediterrranean Sea.

Will the US attack Iran. No. The US and Brittish will not. You cant exclude some Israeli crazy.

There is an attack that is going right now. Muslim with 160 million people with nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them.

During the campaign. Obama said that he wanted to have the unilateral bombing of Northwest Pakistan. All of the candidates said no. And now the US is doing what Obama demanded.

The US, NAto and the Afghans troops are planning to invade Pakistan across the Afghan border. why. They want to destroy the Pakistan government. The goal is to destroy Pakistan. Iraq in threee parts. Pakistan into at least four parts: Sindh, Punjab, Boluchistan, Pushunistan, even Waziristan.

Thats the goal. Why. It is a potential ally of China. It's a potential ally of China. It's traditionally friendly to China and under conditions of world crisis, Pakistan would gravitate back to China. It's Plus oil routes. Gwadar shipping LNG from Turkestan and the pipeline that goes through the pass.

New hit list: Sudan and Pakistan. Iran is now to be an ally to be used against Russia.

To the neocons. You are fools, you are bunglers, you are so obsessed with Israel and the Persian Gulf, Iraq and Iran that you have lost the big picture, Russia, China.

India is an asset in that regard. The Mumbai attacks is the roll out of this new policy. It has several goals, but one is to put the Hindu fundamentalists in power. As long as the Congress Party is in power, India will be non aligned at best and with Russia at worst. The Hindu fundamentalist are truly madmen, much like the Zionists. In fact, there is a good deal of collaboration between the two.

There has been a summit of China and Japan. Japan, would it become a staging area for the kinds of destabilization of China that Brezezinski is planning. Japan just said no. The defense minister said chaos in China would be the worst possible outcome for Japan.

Taiwan is saying no. They voted for the more reasonable party. The old KMT is back in power. They want good relations with the mainland. Everyone in the world is now choosing sides.

The point of having Obama is that you have the same old imperialism but with a facelift. Cosmetic surgery. A black face named Hussein. That's how you know how bad it is. They are willing to toss out 400 years of racism. Racism is very useful, but they have to give it up.

One goal is to have that face for Africa. The goal is to kick China out and to deprive it of the oil. DRC, Laurent Nkunda, Sudan. Deprive it of Oil, raw material, minerals. Ultimately, isolate and encircle China and then reach a point where China would have no where to turn for oil except the Russian oil wells in eastern Siberia.

The end product is to play China against Russia, get rid of both of them and then the US and Brittish can settle in for another hundred years of domination.

There is also an angle for Europe. With Bush, McCain, the policy is discredited, no one like the US. We cannot get any traction. We cant get any help in Iraq or even in Afghanistan.

With this new face you can get throngs and throngs of Europeans, young dupes. His big trip to Germany was no accident. It had a very definate purpose. Europe as a tool against Russia. Russia and Germany over oil

NATO expansion. Reagan had an agreement not to even go into East German. This is a bilateral policy. Clinton started it.

Headed for a polish missile crisis. Going to be worse. Elements in Poland, czech Republic, even elements in Lithuania. There is a forward technical of that right in Lithuania, right on Russia's border.

What is the purpose of that. The ability to have a first strike, surprise attack to destroy the Russia nuclear deterent, on the ground, and then the second strike launch by the Russians can somehow be supressed by these missiles these missiles in Poland. It is a step toward WWW III

Another angle that goes with it, the independance of Kosovo under what amounts to a criminal organization. Designed as an affront to Russia.

why the capture of Karadik, Why now. To inflame relations with Russia.

Why attack Russia through our proxy, Georgia? This is a full strategic envelopment. A world wide strategy. Already being implemented in the US.

Bush and Cheney are gone. They are gone, They are not even lame ducks they are gone. They are the grounds keepers, the janitors. Power has passed to the principals committee, the leading government ministers. Rice, Gates, Paulsen, Admiral Mullen. These people are bureacrats. They dont have policies. They are now carrying out policies of Brzinsky.

No attack on Iran, make a deal with North Korea. Cheney almost had a heart attack. This was a Rice project.

Attack Pakistan, get ready to attack Sudan, zimbabwe, Burma. It's done under Humanitarian considerations. It's not bin Laden, Al-Qaeda. Pakistan is the exception. In most of these places its human rights, go back to Carter and Clinton. Imperialism with left wing slogans.

The neocons picked on weak states. Russia and China can and will defend themselves. The neocon game is over but they had limits to their insanity, but under Obama the insanity is unlimited.

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