Sunday, December 14, 2008


"Killer of Iraqis, killer of children."

-Muthathar al Zaidi, 29, Iraqi television journalist, Cairo-based Baghdadiyah Television

His employer, Cairo-based Baghdadiyah Television, released a statement late Sunday demanding Zaidi's release from Iraqi custody.

"Any action taken against Muntathar will remind us of the actions and behaviors taken by the reign of the dictator and the violence, the random arrests, the mass graves and confiscations of freedom from the people," the board of Baghdadiyah said.

Friends said Zaidi covered the U.S. bombing of Baghdad's Sadr City area earlier this year and had been "emotionally influenced" by the destruction he'd seen. They also said he'd been kidnapped in 2007 and held for three days by Shiite Muslim gunmen.

Maliki doesn't flinch or bat an eye. If the shoe were directed at him he would have caught it, spit on it and thrown it on the floor himself. Bush cowers exactly like the dog and pathetic coward he is. This is just a fantastic event to end bush's last charade. Bush is despised and despicable. The only person that has come close to delivering an insult like this, up close and personal was Steven Colbert. May we hope that there are many more similar incidents to follow.


MarcLord said...

verily, on earth as it is in Texas, amen.

Jesus Reymundo de la Cruz said...

Connecticut Yankee. Yale cheerleader. First these bluebellies whooped us, then the carpetbaggers came down here and sucked our brains out. Give it back to Mexico.