Saturday, November 21, 2009


Not so fast Naomi, Brand Obama is fading fast.

A new poll shows Obama at 49% approval. His programs are rated even lower. While people support the public option Obamacare is a loser.

Obama's Asian trip was a disaster. Japan said get more troops off our soil, China pointed out our duplicitous behavior and students in South Korea protested against the War in Afghanistan.

Obama has been outed as a Sell Out by leading black columnists and bloggers. Bob Herbert and Glenn Ford are wondering where Obama's policies are for black unemployment.

The Unions are going their own way after Obama has unchecked Card Check.

The general public is growing skeptical and angry of the bailouts and bonuses of Wall Street as foreclosures climb and unemployment skyrockets.

His EU standing is falling fast as the climate talks in Copenhagen look to be a bust even before they have started.

His handling of the Honduran coup and the Columbian Military Base agreement have Latin America looking askew at Barack's real intentions.

He's got no core, He's all image, He won't take the lead on anything and it's business as usual, Bush III, but with better PR ... His silver tongue will not fix this mess.

Obama's honeymoon is so over. Twitter that!

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