Friday, November 27, 2009

Sin Patron: Stories From Argentina’s Worker-Run Factories

The book includes a number of illuminating interviews and chapters by Lavaca, a journalism collective based in Buenos Aires that continues to produce some of the best analysis and stories on social movements in the country

The timing couldn’t be better for the release of this book in English. Readers in the US seeking creative solutions to the current economic crisis may find some helpful suggestions in Sin Patron.
Workers in Argentina during that country’s crash figured out they needed to go beyond the law to survive. “For workers in Argentina there is no law. It only exists for the powerful,” said Eduardo Murua, President of the National Movement of Reclaimed Companies. “If we were stuck outside [of the factory] asking the judge to keep it open, we would get nowhere. If we were to ask politicians, we’d get even less. Only through occupation could we recover the jobs.”
key message
these failed factories and businesses should belong to the people, not the wealthy bosses who mistreated workers and then abandoned ship
Such challenges to classic ideas of private property and workplace hierarchy course through every page in Sin Patron
These examples
defy the bankrupt logic of capitalism

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