Thursday, December 17, 2009


Deregulation 101......

Now some of you youngin's were'nt trucking back in 1980, so lets give you a history lesson on how the Democratic President Jimmy Carter screwed labor and caused the low wages and most of the safety problems we now face today on the road.....His buddy President Clinton signed the 2nd half of our doom when he signed NAFTA!

Lesson 1:

But...after all was said and done....this was the BIG reason they wanted to deregulate trucking....which brought down the cost of labor and....the real reason they wanted it in the first place.........""

"Deregulation has also made it easier for nonunion workers to get jobs in the trucking industry. This new competition has sharply eroded the strength of the drivers' union, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. Before deregulation ICC-regulated truckers paid unionized workers about 50 percent more than comparable workers in other industries. Although unionized drivers still are paid a premium, by 1985 unionized workers were only 28 percent of the trucking work force, down from around 60 percent in the late seventies."

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