Sunday, December 27, 2009


allegedly rigged election, in which the losing candidate was supported by the 'Modern Right' neoliberal Rafsanjani, of Iran-Contra fame.

They reminded people of the synthetic 'colour revolutions' that have taken place. And indeed, it was hard not to think of that spate of spectacles, in which often well-heeled masses turned out for big protests before either facilitating the assumption of power of a neoliberal faction, or dying out entirely.

If those writing the reform movement off as another 'colour revolution' were correct, we probably wouldn't be witnessing such scenes.

The old order in the Middle East, from the US-backed Mubarak dictatorship to the Islamic Republic, is breaking apart.

A counsel of despair tells us that the only alternative to the current regime in Iran is some schlemiel maintained by Washington.

this assumes that the current Iranian ruling class is the country's best vanguard against imperialism - an absurd proposition.

The reformers are not Washington stooges, and their success would make attacks and sanctions emanating from Washington less plausible. It also assumes that no social class or coalition in Iran has the resources to build a better, more just state under the duress of pressure from the US. That has always been an excuse of developmentalist, and even 'socialist', despotisms. But there is no reason for us to accept this.

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