Thursday, December 31, 2009


the Fifth International must be “an instrument for the unification and the articulation of the struggle of the peoples to save this planet”
It calls for an urgent mobilization against the new imperialist offensive in Latin America, by the US administration and the Latin American Right
to oppose the new US bases in Colombia, to support, in particular, the mobilization of the people of Honduras against the new dictatorial regime.
but it is decisive to learn together the lessons from Stalinism and social democracy, so that the tragedies and the errors of the past are not repeated
* An anti-imperialist and anti-capitalist programme of emergency demands
* Unity of action of all the organizations
against the attacks of the governments and the capitalist classes
* Independence of the social movements

* Solidarity with all struggles of peoples against all the imperialist powers.
* The fight against oppressions

Is not a step forward

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Dave Semple said...

I'm sorry, are you agreeing or disagreeing with my article that you link to?