Wednesday, December 30, 2009


some of the most resolute activists on the planet—

Bernardine Dohrn, the law professor and former member of the Weather Underground;

Ali Abunimah of Electronic Intifada; and

Donna Mulhearn, an Australian woman who was a human shield during the beginning of he Iraq war, Mulhearn, she would say so on her blog''

(The message, from Haidar Eid and Omar Barghouti, says, "After a lot of hesitation and deliberation, we are writing to call on you to reject the ‘deal’ reached with the Egyptian authorities. This deal is bad for us and, we deeply feel, terrible for the solidarity movement.")

People turned on one another, the Code Pink leadership was accused of being all hat and no saddle

The Americans, who are so conditioned to living with the Israel lobby, as an abused wife to her battering husband, are being exposed to a more adamant politics—we are having a rendezvous with the Freedom Riders

Helen Schiff told me that the front page

"Mubarak to Netanyahu: Lift the siege and end the suffering of the Palestinian people." We gave him that line! she said. A longtime civil rights activist, Helen told me it’s "fabulous" what happened, we are achieving more in Cairo than we would if we had gotten into Gaza.

I can feel the spirit of the Freedom Riders and of the abolitionists
The international street has come to the Arab street, and everyone is learning.

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