Saturday, December 05, 2009


graymail: a legal tactic that has been used for years by intelligence operatives or assets who are facing prosecution or fear they soon will be.

"The only reason Prince would do this [interview] is that he feels he is in very serious jeopardy of criminal charges,"

Perhaps the most prominent case of graymail was by Oliver North...used it to force dismissal of the most serious charges against him stemming from his involvement in the Iran-Contra Affair. And then there was a US businessman, James Giffen, allegedly paid $78 million in bribes to former Khazakh Prime Minister Nurlan Balgimbayev in an attempt to win contracts for western oil companies to develop the Tengiz oil fields in the 1990s...he claimed that if he did what he was accused of, he did it in the service of US intelligence agencies.

Prince alleges that he was outed--by whom he does not say, but the implication is that CIA Director Leon Panetta named him in a closed door hearing of the Intelligence Committee last June, and then the name was leaked by one of the attendees of that hearing.

There is this legal theme being developed in the article and Adam Ciralsky, as a lawyer who had dealt with the CIA, fully understands that. I mean I think he fully understood he was going to do a piece that would help Prince develop his legal defense.

The amazing thing to me is that Vanity Fair printed it.

You can never get to the criminality and corruption because it is top secret and more than that, none of it is ever covered by the corporate media

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