Thursday, January 21, 2010


Rapidly deteriorating relations between the two countries on a broad front. Google is part of a cartel of Internet companies which notoriously works closely with the US intelligence community for political purposes, including the subversion and overthrow of foreign governments. Twitter in Iran last summer

Internet is an indispensable part of the CIA’s recipe for
color revolutions,
velvet revolutions,
people power coups, and
postmodern coups

In Georgia, Sakaashvili. Yushenko, Orange Revolution of 2004. Obama took power in something of the same way

The Chinese government prevents Western intelligence from pumping black propaganda

January 4 reported the Great Firewall had momentarily come down. 10 days later, Google, Adobe, and Northrop Grumman accused Chinese hackers of entering their sites to gather information.

Chinese government has informed Google if they keep violating the law then they cannot continue to operate. Google has announced their imminent departure

That Google is opposed to censorship in principle is pure baloney. Researchers delving into questions about the September 11 attacks or the London 7/7 are familiar with Google attempted to hinder public access to facts and analysis that were not part of the official narrative.

Pakistan is targeted because it could function as an energy corridor between Iran and China. What is done by the United States in Yemen [5], Somalia, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Burma is fundamentally dictated by a desire to checkmate China.

In the Copenhagen climate change, US and the British was to use the big lie of global warming to institute a world carbon dictatorship which could then be used to strangle the economic development of China, India and others

The British Guardian reported chinese Prime Minister Wen directed a successful blocking operation with the help of Sudan, Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia
personally snubbing Obama. Regarding sanctions against Iran, the Chinese are signaling that they will block them

China is the world’s largest exporter with 2.5 trillion dollars of foreign exchange. A coming trade war over such issues as tires and steel is now a distinct possibility.

The US is whining about the alleged dirty float of the Chinese currency unit, the renminbi. Is on the verge of a major arms sale to Taiwan. A visit of the Dalai Lama to Obama’s White House is immenent.

The Dalai Lama is a notorious Western intelligence asset who was the figurehead of a brutal regime of feudal oppression. The United States government continues to transfer money to Rebiya Kadeer and her “World Uighur Congress,”

Wen’s successful operations in Copenhagen are a clear indication that major changes are afoot in this department. The Chinese evidently see Google as a symbol of arrogance and hegemonism which they are no longer disposed to tolerate

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