Friday, January 01, 2010


Rebellion Politik


Rebellion Politik, the opposite of what you know as politics
Where corporate capital makes the government break their promise
It’s a new day where people create the policy
And the economy trickles up to eradicate the poverty
So get up, stand up, these are our demands, what
We want our money back so politicians get your hands up
Equal distribution of the land and the profits
An end to all war and a socialized democracy

Verse 1:
I’m writing inciting the clash of the titans
The premise is frightening, my nemesis fighting
Inciting the right wing with media hype
But Chuck D was right, don’t believe the hype
Perceiving the issues, misleading officials
With thieving intentions and heat seeking missiles
Invisible agents ain’t packing a pistol
Subliminal goals to deal your souls
For global control corporations bankroll
Political whores patrolling the shores
They lure us in stores to keep us all poor
Ignoring the cure for what’s at the core
Explore the floor of the third world poor
Creating the wars for mineral ore
Come on y’all we gotta fight back with…


Verse 2:

Right now I’m speaking as the voice of the masses
Defeated, mistreated, believe it you beat us robbed us and gassed us
We’ve been passed up, locked up, exploited and downsized
But we will uprise, no compromise, this is the fire next time
My mind is still inclined to form a rhythmatic rhyme
But I got enzymes in my blood that let me break it down each time
So I can’t digest all that bullshit that you feed me
You think hip-hop is antisocial, you ain’t read the graffiti
Cause you ignored us like the writing on an Indian treaty
We from the seedy needy streets of each American city
Where it’s gritty and grimy, public school hallways are never shiny
Police be eyeing me cause public policy criminalized me
And kept us in poverty like a third world resident
Nobody’s exempt, not even the brother of the president
Rebellion politik is rebellion scholarship
The science of survival in a repressive environment

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