Tuesday, February 09, 2010


In fact, conspiracies are how things get done. Very little is accomplished by one person working alone. If what is to be accomplished is illegal, the 'conspiracy' is called a 'crime syndicate' or 'orgnized crime'.

If the 'conspiracy' in question is legal, however questionable, it is called a corporation or a business enterprise

The government often cites the specter of 'organized crime' in order to rally voters to a 'right wing' cause like 'law and order'

In his 'The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich', William Shirer described what St. Thomas More would have called a 'conspiracy of rich men' to invade the nations of Europe, steal their resources and divide up the booty.

Goebbels, with the resources of the State. Radio and press are at our disposal. We shall stage a masterpiece of propaganda

The big businessmen, put the organized workers in their place and leave management to run its business as it wished. Krupp von Bohlen, Bosch and Schnitzler of I. G. Farben, and Voegler, head of the United Steel Works

Hitler, "Private enterprise," conceivable only if authority and personality...we owe to the struggle of the chose benefits of culture
introduced with an iron fist.", "eliminate" the Marxists and restore the Wehrmacht means gain from rearmament

Dick Cheney's 'Energy Task Force' which carved up an 'alloted' the oil fields of Iraq long before the events of 911 would give these 'conspiractors' the pre-text they would require to attack Iraq

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