Monday, February 22, 2010


Wait for it...

...And here it is. Greenwald was first, but he must write on the weekend. Here is the voice of right wing libertarianism in the flesh.

I used to hate these guys. While I don't disagree with their historical analysis, their praxis is only a few steps up the evolutionary ladder from the John Birchers. Now, I root for them.

The first step is rounding up all the neocons war criminals and putting them in a "Nuremberg docket". Hang 12 of them in one night, Limbaugh first.

Then we can fight income distribution with these guys.

  • anti-interventionist foreign policy as the key to reining in big government
  • Invoking the shade of Robert A. Taft, and wondering aloud how we’re going to pay for our empire
  • traced the roots of our dilemma back to Woodrow Wilson
  • Paul realizes that the whole kit-n-kaboodle of progressivism culminated in US involvement in the Great War

We didn’t hear Beck own up to the essentially Wilsonian foreign policy of the Bush administration.

It warmed the cockles of my libertarian heart to hear Ron Paul mentioned Eugene Victor Debs raised as a martyr to the cause of individual rights. It was a Republican, Warren G. Harding – who finally freed Debs. Ron truly is the anti-Cheney

Paul’s CPAC victory is a stunning repudiation of the War Party’s (read Neocon) long-standing dominance of the GOP

Let it be so.

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